A Special Day

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Only four more posts until I reach 100!  Wowza, have I really been blogging that long?  In a way it feels like it but in a way it really doesn't.  Sorry to be confusing everyone, that's not even why I was blogging!  Chloe, stay on track.

Today isn't technically a special day- but then again it is!  (there I go, contradicting myself)  God has been teaching me MANY things through volleyball and our busy, crazy, sometimes insane schedules.  Wednesday would be an example.  I tend to dread Wednesday, which is not the right response.  It's packed full of things from morning until 5:00.  I teach a boys writing class in the morning, after which I have to rush home and get packed up for volleyball practice while trying to scarf down lunch so it has time to digest.  After volleyball practice (which is exhausting in itself) I go straight to the Dewolf's house, where piano lessons (that I've also been stressing about) await.  That leaves no time for any school or down time.  Phew. 

In a way, I wish there were more of these busy days left, so that I would have more times to work on what this blog post is about: Seeing every day as a special day.

THIS IS NOT AS EASY AS IT SOUNDS.  When there's those times you haven't got even half of your school work done, and you're in charge of your siblings (who are driving you nuts, by the way), plus there's something that you've procrastinated on that's looming up and you need to work on it but you don't have the motivation- everyone has at least a few of those days.  They come at least once a week at my house;)
Every day seems to start out so fresh and wonderful- but everything seems wonderful when you're snuggled in your bed. 

Each day can be special- if you'll only see it that way.  It's really a metal thing.  God has given us one more day to live then we had yesterday, one more day to do things for his glory.  One day might be all we have to live on this earth!  That seems pretty special to me.  My goal for myself this next week is to live in today.  Of course I'll think about tomorrow, and probably stress.  I'm still learning!  But if I keep my focus on God and keep my sights open for how today can be special, life is going to be so much more free and open and enjoyable! 

Until the next post,

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