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Curious, Isn't it? #2

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Probably the first and foremost thing that comes to my mind is my volleyball team coming in for 3rd place in our last tournament for the year!!

This year has been amazing and I cannot believe how quickly it has come and gone.  To prove my point I'm going to tell you some very sad news: Tuesday is our LAST GAME.  Please stop the time and go back!  I don't want it to end :(

Becoming Jane: The sweetest movie that was based on the life of the actual author, Jane Austen.  I loved seeing her life and how similar it was to her most well-known story, Pride and Prejudice.  She could certainly write from experience, and related well with Elizabeth, the main character.
PLUS the man she fell in love with was the actor for Mr. Tumnus in Narnia!  He did a fantastic job.
The ending is rather sad, though.....Okay REALLY sad.  I won't ruin it for you but know this: You will need tissues.  And lots of em.

Hannah Peterman's Butterscotch puppy chow.  This puppy chow, in a word, is divine.  She very sweetly and generously made us a batch of it for our tournament and we ate it all, every single piece.  It was just that good!

This fall weather.   Finally I can get out all my winter clothes and start having fun with layering and scarves and boots!  I get excited just thinking about it.  It's really the perfect weather.  Chilly in the morning when nobody is up, but as the morning goes on and it reaches the afternoon it settles for a nice temperature that everyone associates with fall.  Bliss!

Lemon LunaBars. Mmm mmm. Definitely my favorite LunaBar so far! Very refreshing and it doesn't leave me feeling sick and weighted down like the other flavors that involve chocolate.

This fantastic post about running. Now that the weather is cooler and volleyball is over (or almost over) I really do want to start running. This post was excellent and very motivating!!

Luigi's Ghost Mansion: A game for the Wii-U. You all are going to laugh, but I've become addicted. More specifically to a video game. Which has NEVER happened before. I get hooked on books or social things, etc. etc.  But never video games. That's my brothers' job! 
The Smiths (good friends of ours) own a wii-u, which is basically the same as a wii except it comes with an extra game pad for one more person to play with. This opens up the possibilities for way more games! 

Sharpie Highlighters.  These little markers are blessings in disguise for me when it comes to Biology and all the things I want to remember during Mrs. Stuart's lectures but don't feel like writing down. 

And last but not lease these two fun picture apps: Instagram&PicLab. Lately these are what I've been using the most. 

Chloe  <3 <3

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