Our mini vacation

Monday, September 09, 2013

(Just a note, all the pictures on here were taken with my iPod, so if the quality is bad I'm sorry! I didn't feel like lugging my big camera all around KC!!) 

So we were originally going to go to Noah's first football game in Topeka on Saturday and then stay overnight and hang out there all day Sunday.
But when it got canceled, :( we changed plans and decided to go on our little "vacation" in Kansas City instead!

We got there around 3:30, and after checking into our hotel and admiring the pool, the girls and boys separated. The boys were off to play Lazer tag, while the girls went and had our first ever pedicures. 

 Yes, our first pedicures. Somehow doing them at home in our bathroom isn't quite the same:) 

This lady was doing my nails. I don't think she realized I was taking her picture! 

Aren't they so pretty? My mom didn't want a flower but I'm glad I chose one- look how cute it turned out! I'm forever amazed at how they can make such cool designs on our toe-nails. Sheesh. I can barely get my nail polish on without some getting on my toe! 

Afterwards, since the boys weren't done at Lazer tag we walked around the mall, admiring our nails and dropping into this cute little cupcake store to purchase some goodies! 

Look at all the cupcakes! 

Some of them were really interesting, and I was very tempted to try them. Cola Chocolate was one of them. But in the end I settled on a chocolate terror of a cupcake. It was so big I didn't end up eating it all! 

Once the boys had picked us up from the cupcake shop we decided on an amazing almost "gourmet" Mexican restaurant. For the appetizers we got two different guacamole dips. 
Now you all know I don't particularly care for guac. Never really have. But this guacamole- !!!!!!! Mixed with onions and tomatoes and spices- So. Good. 

One of the things I love about having a bigger family is that it means a wide variety of meals, all of which I get to taste and give my opinion on. If you don't like sharing your food, don't go out to eat with us!!! 

The next day after sleeping in, eating a small breakfast, and swimming until our hands were wrinkled and pruny, we checked out and headed to one of my favorite restaurants ever, that we rarely rarely ever go to: 

What a treat!!! 

TOO MANY THINGS TO CHOOSE FROM!!!!! Too many flavors!!!! 
After lots of thought I finally picked a lemon raspberry cheesecake. Some of the others I got to try were Reese's (heavenly), Hershey's Chocolate, (mmmm), Blueberry white chocolate (super creamy), and Apple Crisp. 

The rest of our day was full of couch shopping, book store browsing, and fun with my family:) 

At the end of the day Brynley and my dad were talking, and my Dad said, "That was so fun! we should do that again, shouldn't we?"
To which Brynley replied, "And YOU could get a pedicure next time!" 

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  1. Looks like you had a really fun weekend, girl!! Glad you got to spend some time with your family, having a blast, and loving them. :)

    1. Yes!!!! It was a SUPER fun weekend! It was hard to decide between lazer tag and pedicures, since I'd never done either of them, but in the end I decided spending time with my sisters and mom over lazer tag for this time;)

    2. Good choice ;) Pedicures are the best!!! But lazer tag is pretty epic too!

  2. SO FUN! The cheesecake factory is amazing..

    1. Isnt it, though? What's your favorite cheesecake to get there?

  3. That's so fun! The cheesecake factory - my family went without out me at Nationals - sad, huh? Abigail and Elizabeth would've said the same thing as Brynley; this age is SO funny! And so proud you tried and liked guacamole! (it was for me, wasn't it ...:) P.S. That cupcake place looks like a blast!

    1. Oh that IS sad. Missing out on cheesecake? You poor thing:(
      hehe, aren't you proud? I was thinking of you when I ate it!

  4. How fun!! Your toe-nails are really cute!! (Brynley makes me giggle!)


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