All in one box: A gift idea

Thursday, September 12, 2013

It'll probably come as no surprise to learn that I found this idea on Pinterest.  *pause while you all recover from your shock* :)


 I took the general idea and adapted it and have used it quite a few times!  I love doing this kind of gift shopping.  You don't buy just one thing- you buy a bunch of different fun tiny things!

Pick a theme, pick a box, and you're good to go! Some of the themes I've done are "Things that remind me of you", "Sunshine box", "A few of your favorite things," and a "volleyball survival kit".
The first one I made was a box for my friend Avery.  I filled it with all the things that reminded me of her, from chocolate, to glow sticks, to- you guessed it!   More chocolate!

I had too much fun with that one, so I decided to make something similar for another friend of mine. I filled a box with her favorite things, wrapped it in brown paper and tied it with string. (if you haven't watched Sound Of Music that last sentence will probably make no sense to you!)

This time, I'll go through some of the things I used in my "Chase the Thunderclouds Away" box.  If the title wasn't very clear, it's really just a box full of fun little things for the days when someone needs a cheering up.

To start out with, everyone's favorite:

And what's chocolate without a little nutella?

Other fun things like sticky notes, cute paper, pencils, and even a MAD LIBS pad are all great ideas.  Who wouldn't want to have this stuff?
And who doesn't like to be pampered?  Nail polish, germ-ex, lotion, and this adorable pink massager are all good ideas.
I hope this has given you some ideas for boxes of your own!!!!  Here are some of the boxes that I've done with ideas of what to put in them:
Sunshine Box:
Basically anything fun and bright and yellow that you can think of all in a box!  Ideas would be yellow drinks, yellow candy, yellow notebooks/sticky pads/pencils/markers, etc. etc.
Volleyball survival kit:
-Fun socks
-Energy bars
-Glittery band-aids
 -Sports drink
-Anything else volleyball/sports related you can think of!!  There's no right or wrong here!
"A few of your favorite things" box
"Things that remind me of you" box
Comment below if you have any ideas of your own!!!!!!!

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  1. "Brown paper packages"!! I LOVE that song!! :)

    1. I know, right? Every time I hear those words the song instantly starts re-playing in my head:) ;)

  2. Such a fun idea, Chloe!! I'm going to have to do this soon ;)

  3. Girl, this is great! Glittery band aides - now thats cool. This would be a great 4th Friday project! Pinned!

    1. I know! When I made the volleyball kit I was planning on doing fun band aids. But apparently Target doesn't HAVE cute ones! *huff* it was a nice thought.....

  4. Wait... is that jar of nutella open...??!

    1. O_o I was wondering when someone was going to notice that! :) this box was actually just an example, not specifically for anybody. So yes, the Nutella WAS open. :)


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