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One of the sweetest pictures ever

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I think my heart just melted inside a little bit.  I LOVE this picture.  It has so much potential and I've always wanted to write something about this.  So here I am today, deciding to tackle it! 

The alarm sounded at 6:00 a.m.  Was it Monday already?  Monday. 
I hate to say it but I cried.  Just like that Monday a month ago when he came home, hugged me, and with a glowing face told me that he'd been enlisted.  Enlisted.  That awful, dreaded word for wives and daughters and sweethearts alike.  Why did they run off like they thought it would be a party? 

 I rubbed my eyes and quickly sat up.  No crying for him.  Not for Robert.  I would be strong, I would support him, and then I would go and cry.  Cry until the black and white picture of him and I on my desk blurred and my eyes were red.  I had done it a month ago.  I could always do it again.

I went through the motions of brushing my hair, pulling on my stockings, numbly choosing a pair of shoes.  6:15.  His plane would be leaving soon.  I wanted to be there to send him off.


"One year, Becka.  One year!" He twisted his arm about my waist and twirled me around.  "You can wait for me for twelve short months, can't you?"
I forced a laugh.  "Don't go stealing any other girls hearts, kay?" I leaned forward.  "You already have mine."

For a few blissful minutes it was just us in the world, and I could've almost forgotten he was leaving.  But the sunlight slowly inching its way across the pavement was evidence enough of how quickly time was passing.
"One year." He whispered, the playful tone lost.  "I'll be counting the days."
Tears filled my eyes.  "Me too."

Reluctantly he pulled away, his eyes lingering on my face.  "I love you, Becky."
"I love you too, Rob." I squeezed his hand and handed him his suitcase.  "Think you can win the war in six months rather then twelve?"
"Five." He smiled and took the suitcase.  "Stay safe."
"You got it, soldier." I wiped away my tears.  No tears for my fiancé.  Not today.  "Go win that war."

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  1. Aww! I love it, Chloe! *sniff* *teary-eyes*

    1. Thanks Savanna:) I love writing little scenes like this!

  2. This is so great Chloe!! Very impressive. :)

    1. *gasp* you read my blog!?!?!? (: (: yay! And thanks for commenting, you're all so sweet!!!!!!

  3. Now if that isn't one of the sweetest things, I don't know what is:) Aww! Love it!

  4. *sniffle* This is so sweet! You should write more of these!

    1. I know, I know. Sadly, what I want to do and what I have time to do are normally two very different things!

  5. *so sad* I seriously almost had tears in my eyes. When you put it into the real life perspective it's crazy how many husbands/wives go half way around the world and can't see their spouse, fighting for their freedom: for OUR freedom. my mom has a friend who has 3 kids and her husband got deployed just a couple weeks ago. It was rough for their family!

  6. Oh my... this is soooo sweet. *Sigh*. You should do this more often!

  7. I just the one sitting over here wiping my eyes. I'll get over it.. when you write the perfectly happy ending! :)


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