Pre-season Memories: Then and Now

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Phew.  A mere one and a half days, and yet this tournament has me feeling sore and tired!  For those of you who don't know (you poor sad people!) pre-season is a once a year tournament that is before the season of volleyball officially starts, hence the name.

 Kansas teams get together Friday morning and play game after game all day until the afternoon on Saturday.  Then the teams get placed in a gold or silver bracket, and they scrimmage each other for the championship.  IT IS INCREDIBLE!

(Lovely JV players)

This was my second year, so I knew it all and wasn't as nervous.  STILL.  Walking into this huge building with so much noise and people bumping over nets everywhere, it's rather intimidating.

(Jessi, my wonderful coach, and her sister Anna)


I got to ride down with the Peterman girls, which was a blast. We turned K-love up nice and loud and danced to Good Morning by Mandisa, which brought back memories of the same car trip last year with us listening to the exact same song! 

My feelings were a whole lot different last year, though. Last year I was so incredibly nervous.  It was my first year, which meant first actual game against actual volleyball players.  Somehow, scrimmaging against my team in practice just didn't feel quite the same!

Me and this lovely Varsity player, Hannah P.

Another beautiful varsity player, Anna.

And yet another gorgeous young lady, Mary Frances! 

(All my teammates, standing waiting for our next game)
I love my teammates.  Absolutely love every single one of them.  We all work so well together, and they're all just so full of energy and a ton of fun to be with!  I'm really excited for this season! 
Now let me go back and see if I can find some pictures from last year's pre-season....

Aaah, yes!  here we are!  Me and my amazing fellow JH girls from last year!
(Bethany, Natalie, and Avery, watching one of the other CHIEF teams) 
Oh yes!  Here's JV from last year!  Guess who is who!
Avery and I, doing a hand clap while waiting for our next game.  Can you tell we were hyper?  (one of us more then the other...)  :)
I'm so blessed to have another year to play volleyball with my friends, and so excited for this season to come.  Thanks for re-living these memories with me!

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  1. I had a BLAST and I am still so sore. :) It was worth every ounce of pain! See you tomorrow!

    1. I know!!!! It was totally worth every sore muscle.

  2. Oh, my serving arm felt like it was going to FALL off yesterday, Jerica! You girls really do play well together. It was so much fun to watch. I love re-living through old pictures ;)

    1. I can see why, especially since you were doing overhand.
      I know it! I had a ton of fun looking through last years photos. We all have really changed!


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