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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

As some of you know, I'm part of a writing forum through the One Year Adventure Novel that I did a few years ago.  It's a super fun community of people my age and older, where everyone critiques story things, helps develop characters, and gives ideas on what to write next.  So when an idea for a weekly blog post was thrown out there, I immediately pounced on it.

The idea was that every night right before I went to sleep I would write down a little bit with my thoughts from the day.  At the end of the week or beginning of the next, I would take all my little "thoughts" and compile them into one blog post for you all to read!  Here are last weeks thoughts:

My thoughts for Monday..... Well this morning Noah and I got up and went running, which made me feel super accomplished the next day:)  Gabey decided to tag along, and he was so cute, huffing and puffing behind us as fast as his shorter legs could go!  Noah, Mr. Football Player, was tired afterwards too, which tells me it was a good workout!
You know showers feel so darn good after you workout?  PRAISE GOD FOR SHOWERS!

I also had fun at the pizza party tonight... Now I feel so energized in a talkative sense because I've been around people.  I love people too!  Though that's kind of a given...

I'm slightly less hyper and ready for bed (it is almost 10:30), but I'm sure that as soon as I turn out the lights all my thoughts and ideas and plans will all come flooding in.  It's almost like, "Oh she's getting up.  She's turning off the light!  She's in bed.  Ready?  LET'S BOMBARD HER WITH ALL THIS STUFF THAT SHE'LL WANT TO WRITE DOWN AND WON'T BE ABLE TO FALL ASLEEP BECAUSE OF!"

Bah. Sometimes.....
On other notes, pre-season is coming up and my anticipation (tinged with a bit of nervousness) is growing!  Playing volleyball all day for two days straight is awesome.  But doing it with your friends and getting amazing social time?  What's not to love?
I'm tired..... So tired.... And very ready for bed.... But before I do that, I just have to say one thing:
I mean really?  I'm a writer.  There's a %99.999 chance that I will not be pursuing a math career.  Can you tell that math and I get along so well?
Other notes, my poison ivy is finally going away, and just in time for pre-season too.  Praise ye the Lord!  Can I get an amen?  (I'm quoting Beth Moore here)  Wow my hand hurts from writing.  I believe I shall go to sleep now.  Goodnight, all.
My thoughts for Thursday? Well there is one. I need sleep. Pre-season is tomorrow, early, and even as I write this my eyes are slowly closing.  Maybe I shouldn't do these "daily thoughts" so late at night... Now there's an idea...
Good night everybody.  Sweet dreams! :)
Oh goodness.  Lots of thoughts.  Umm-let's see.  Well I'll just go over Friday and Saturday, one because I missed both of them and two because nothing of much excitement happened today except for me driving some more.  Which is exciting for me but not really for you all. 
So.  Pre-season.  Wow, where does one begin?  It was a fantastic weekend of learning, and playing, and shaking off the many mistakes that I made.  The very first and the very last games were my favorite.  Even though we did end up losing the last one, it was still fun to see the last burst of energy we all got, which ended in us "finishing strong".
Another thing is how grateful I am that I got this miserable cold after pre-season.  Hallelujah!  I feel awful and tired, which would've been disastrous for games.  Speaking of that I should probably head to bed.  We start school tomorrow (high school!) and I want to be at least half awake for my math test :)

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  1. Haha this is great! So get you on the night time novel thoughts - it is overload! I have a cold, too! It is a good thing it didnèt happen during preseason!

  2. "sleep is for the weak"...story of my life lol


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