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Thursday, August 22, 2013

What if you were trapped on the top of the roof of a tall building in New York, with a banana, a phone, and a snake slowly creeping towards you?

Pick either A, B, or C, and then do what the instructions tell you to!

    A. You decide to call the police (even though they won't be able to get there for another thirty minutes) and hope the snake doesn't see you. -Go to 1-
   B. You eat the banana and say "hey!  this is fun.  I have a breeze, a snake to hang out with, and a phone I can play games on!  I'm good!"  -Go to 2-
  C. You jump off the building and hope you land on the bushes.  *smirk*  Sorry.  I couldn't help myself with that one.  -IF YOU ARE CRAZY ENOUGH TO DO THAT GO TO 3-

1.  The snake saw you, sorry.  But you had to guess that it would, right?  It is now slowly moving towards you.  You have one of two options.  One: Jump off the building. -Go to 3-  Or two, approach the snake cautiously, with a banana held in front of you.  Hopefully this snake likes bananas!  -Go to 4-

2. By and by you notice you can't see the snake anymore, you've eaten the banana, and you've knocked the Angry Birds over so many time you're starting to see little pigs when you close your eyes.  First problem: Find the snake.  Second problem: Realize the snake is actually right beside you.  Do you A, run screaming? -Go to 5-  B, stay there? -Go to 3-  C, jump off the building? -Go to 3-

3. You're dead.  Sorry to say it! 

4. This snake does not like bananas.  Your bad day just got worse!  Suddenly from above you see a helicopter, and it's offering you a ride.  Do you A, throw safety to the wind and get in? -Go to 6-  Or B, do you stay with the snake?   -Go to 3-

5. A helicopter is there to help you!  You're saved! Or are you?  Do you throw safety to the wind and get in?  -Go to 6- Or do you stay with the snake? -Go to 3-

6. The helicopter is actually a police helicopter, and as they were circling above they saw you on the top of the building.  You can't believe you're saved.   But- they accuse you of trying to break in to the building!  YOU know that's not what you were doing, but you have to admit, it sure looks suspicious.  Do you A, put a fight and tell them it wasn't you? -Go to 7- Do you B, go without a fuss and hope your parents will bail you out? -Go to 8-  Or do you C, jump out of the- N'mind.  I don't even need to put that one. 

7. They ignore your protests and insist that you need to go in for questioning.  Once at the police station you have to sit there for an hour.  You're sick with worry and hope they were able to contact your parents.  When your parents walk in you run and hug them.  They believe that you weren't stealing- but they also want a reasonable explanation for why you were on a top of a building in the first place!
So why were you?  Comment below and tell me why you think you were up there:)

8. At the police station you wait, nervously.  You're so afraid that your parents won't get there in time.  Sure enough, the policeman comes and takes you into a separate room for questioning.  There first question: If you weren't trying to break in and steal something, then why on earth were you on the top of that building in the first place?
Comment and tell me why you think you were up there!

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  1. That was such a fun post! You amaze me Chloe. Glad I have you as a friend because everyone needs SOME fun in their life! SOOO FUN!!! :) I picked 2 way im gonna fall splat on the concrete below while everyone watches me fall and kill myself.. NO THANK YOU! Though you would get to heaven a lot quicker then a "normal" person!

    1. Thank you Jerica! You make me smile:)
      No kidding. I had fun making up things that sent you back to the answer three. "You're dead. Sorry to say it!" :D

  2. I love it, Chloe! ;) I was on top of the roof because I tripped on the sidewalk and fell through a portal that took me to another world. After my whole adventure there, I found my way back to our world, but the villain had moved the portal to on top of that roof. The snake, who was the villain's servant, followed me out to have its revenge.

    Unfortunately, I don't think the police or my parents really liked my explanation.

    1. BEST REASON EVER! I love it! Though I can see why your parents didn't believe you... :)

  3. My apartment neighbor bought a snake for his wife's birthday, but it was accidentally sent to me. So, I was trying to sneak through their window into her room to give it to her. Also, my neighbors are a little odd (think the snake as a birthday present) and they are banana lovers. Sooo I thought, if they think I'm equally odd for slipping a snake into their apartment, I would have a banana to appease them. However, the snake doesn't like bananas and immediately wriggled away from it. I coudln't let the bday present escape, so I started slowly after it. Thats when the police caught me via the helicopter (seriously, now THAT is odd:) and there you have it.

    Thankfully I'm coherant in real life:) Oh, and I died the first time, so I had to start over!

    1. O_o
      Wow, you all are so creative!!! I don't think I would ever be able to come up with an explanation like that, Mary. Bravo!!

  4. I remember when you were talking about how hard this would be:) Was it? I was up there because someone was trying to murder me, and I was in the middle of running for my life, but I forgot you couldn't feasibly jump out of a 20 story building to get away from him, then I remembered I had my pet snake with me, so I set him loose, unfortunately I had locked the door to stop the murderer, and forgotten, and my snake didn't like me when it wasn't in a cage (I was carrying it) and the snake went at me. I had also been eating breakfast before the murderer came, which consisted of a banana, and I decided I should at least give it something else to chew on(besides me) But, I forgot it hated bananas, so it tried to attack me even faster, so i had to jump!

  5. I forgot about my phone, it was new and I didn't want to break it!

  6. Oh man, I forgot about the banana! :O Umm... That also came from the other world? Right, so I had been harvesting bananas with a new friend when I found the portal and I was hungry so I took a banana along with me.

    Eh, that'll have to do.


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