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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Good morning!   Well, okay, good almost-afternoon.  :)  Ready to see where I've been pointing my camera lately?

Our adorable little guinea pig....Who is turning into more of a grumpy little guy.  Every time Layney holds him he tries to bite her or anyone within a foot of where he's at.  That's NOT going over well with my mom, who was assured by a PetCo lady that guinea pigs are "amazing first pets" and "never bite".  Hah!  Layney's fingers bear evidence against that. 

Avery and I were taking turns snapping candid pictures of each other randomly at Layney's party.  This is one of my favorites of her:)

Out at my grandparent's house.  They had so much rain come that it almost overflowed.

My adorable purple Converse that are getting too small for me!  NO!  It must not happen!

The roses in our backyard....

Sweet Olivia, at Layney's party:) 
Is it weird that I love taking pictures like this?
More roses..... This is one flower that looks beautiful no matter how good you are at taking pictures.


Avery's candid picture of me.
Photo shoot with my little sis

She's so used to me taking pictures of her she will just keep doing whatever it is she's doing and the pictures always look so cute and candid!

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