Penguin Cupcakes

Monday, July 29, 2013

So I promised myself that I wouldn't post as many recipe posts, even though I LOVE taking pictures of the food and making it. 

Why did I promise myself this?  For a few reasons.  One because it was too easy.  I'd snap pictures, write a little about how good they looked, and then push "publish".  Which was wasn't fair to all my lovely readers, who came to read something, not just look at pretty pictures.  And two, which goes right along with number one, I can't ever think of anything good to say when I'm blogging recipes. 
Now there are some food blogs that do this REALLY well.  And I say go them!  But I just can't blog like that, or at least not without a lot of effort. 

BUT: This is an exception.  I'm so proud of myself. Yesterday my Grandma (who is here with my Grandpa this week) and I went shopping, and I decided that I was going to challenge myself with these cupcakes.  Just a few days ago I got the most ADORABLE cupcake book in the history of cupcake books.  And one of the how-tos in there was this one:

Adorableness condensed on one little dessert.  Can someone say cute???? 

They're really very simple if you break it down.  One vanilla cupcake, topped with a half of a mini doughnut for the body and a doughnut hole as the head.  Slather with frosting, stick in the freezer for a few minutes, and then dip the whole thing in melted chocolate icing.  Voila!!!  Easy?  Well-sorta.

The decorating was fun, but equally hard.  Everything kept wanting to slide off!  You don't want to know how many chocolate wafers I snapped because I was pushing them into the sides too hard!

My siblings wouldn't let me finish my supper before they had me making more!  Once I made one EVERYONE had to have one.  The added bonus of extras sugar and doughnuts on top of cupcakes added to the anticipation. 
Do you want to see my first attempt?

Thankfully the more cupcakes I decorated the prettier they looked. 

Penguin Cupcakes
One box Yellow Cake mix
Chocolate and vanilla frosting
Chocolate cookie wafers
Yellow starbursts
Mini Doughnuts
Mini Doughnut-holes
Note: The reason I didn't give any specific amounts is because I only made eight out of the twenty-four, penguin cupcakes, and left the rest plain.  So it completely depends on how many you make. 
1.  Make your cupcakes as directed and let them cool.
2. Spread frosting on the top and press half of a mini doughnut, flat side down, on top.
3. Put frosting on the top and stick a doughnut hole in the middle, for the head.
4. Chill in the freezer for about 10 minutes.
5. Microwave the chocolate frosting for about 35 seconds, stirring throughout.  When the cupcakes are done chilling, dip the top of the cupcake in the frosting, submerging just until the cupcake liner.
6.  Get out your yellow starburst, and cut in half way across for the beak.  Split the cookie wafer for two little wings, and cut the marshmallow in half and stick it on the front for the stomach.
7. Cut off a tiny piece of marshmallow for the eyes, and add a drop of chocolate frosting to the center.

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  1. Oh so fun! I have that book too and really want to try the dogs . . . I should do them with you since you have the experience now!

    1. Oh we SHOULD! The dogs, wow you're brave: that one really scared me! But go you! I'd be much more

    2. willing to try it if I was doing it with someone else!

    3. I'm game if you are! :) Besides, they are soooo adorable. Adorable makes almost anything worth it:)

  2. P.S. How did you get the "please let me hear your feedback" widget on the sidebar?

    1. It's actually a new gadget! Just go to add a gadget and its there, in the "other" section

    2. Thanks! I'm off to check it out! Didn't think to look at the "other" section . . .


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