10 things I've been thinking about this week

Friday, July 26, 2013

Beware: You are entering Chloe's thoughts!!  There is NO guaranteeing what you may find!!!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

#1.  I'd have to say volleyball.  This has occupied most of my thoughts for the past few weeks.  A lot has changed this season, and it's been a great opportunity (and still is!) for me to put my worries before God.  All that said, I'm really getting psyched for this season!!!!!!!!!  The first JH practice was this Tuesday, and I loved every second.  I was just reminded again how much I love and have missed this sport!  Every day now I'm outside, making my siblings bump with me, chase balls for me, and give me multiple opportunities to go after a lot of passes that are rather difficult to get under :)

#2. Writing!!!!!!!!!!   Yes, I've been doing a lot more writing.  Aren't you proud?  A fellow writer said, "Its funny how the less you write, the more you hate it, and the more you write, the more you love it!"  *cough cough* Has there ever been a truer quote to describe me and writing?  When I read that a light bulb kind of went off in my head.  "Oh yah!  So I should be writing more....right.... Yes, new concept."  *cough cough*

#3. How much I LOVE my new room.  Yes!!!  I'm living down there now!  All my clothes are hung in my closet, all my things have been moved to the downstairs bathroom, and things are really taking shape!  I promise, pictures coming soon!

#4. Pizza..... Oooey gooey cheesey hot pizza..... Okay, sorry.  I still haven't had supper and pizza is on the menu tonight!

#5. My newest story idea.  Another thing about writing more means I feel more inspired, hence I get more story ideas!  Win win, right?  Well, sort of.... Until there's a "plot bunny" overload and there's too many ideas I want to pursue!  But this is an idea I had awhile ago and it's stayed with me, determined to be uncovered. 
You want to know what it is?  *evil grin* Too bad! I ain't giving anything away!

#6. My newest scheme: Taking Gemma Abrams with me to Summer Workshop next year!  Yes, yes, I like to dream big.  It's my personality, and I have two of the biggest dreamers for parents:)
Gemma loves to write, and I can only imagine how much fun we'd have at a camp purely for writers!

#7. How much I love athletic shorts.  I'm wearing them constantly now!  They're the most comfortable thing EVER, and what with volleyball and working out at the old stadium (or, as I put it, the old coliseum), I'm always wearing them.   Hannah, aren't you proud?

#8. Working on trusting God.  For my full thoughts on this, go swing by this blog post.

#9. How much I love to sleep.  Haha, I couldn't help but put this one in.  Because it's true!  Life suddenly got busy, and once school starts, sleep is going to be precious.  Woah, I'm starting to sound like Gollum now!  My precious sleep........ it's all mine....WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMBER?

#10. Excitement and a good dose of worry about this coming semester.  Volleyball, high school, Noah starting tackle football, teaching the OYAN middle school curriculum...... So much!!!  But it's all going to be amazing and I can't wait for it. 

So there you have it!  A little glimpse into my crazy brain.  And just because I love random things.... An awesome video for your Lord of the Rings lovers. 

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  1. Haha, yes, I'm quite proud of you for recognizing the ingenuity an comfort of athletic shorts. :) Yours are so cute, by the way! I love how you describe the stadium as a coliseum... that is a scarily accurate description. And taking Gemma to OYAN? That would be awesome! Fun post, Chloe!

    1. I particularly love the black ones I got with you..... LOVE them I tell you!!!
      I know it! I can only imagine how awesome it would be if she came with me... *sigh* Dreaming again! thanks, it was certainly fun to write.

  2. Just a quick note, but that video is awesome! I think they have a Harry Potter one too...

    1. Yes I've seen it but it's not as good as the Lord of the Rings. Saw that comin. :)


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