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Sneek Peeks of Dragon's Blood: My current novel!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Now I know that many of you have been shooting hints my way wanting to know what it is with all this "dragon's blood" stuff!  It's probably my fault since I DO have an entire pinterest board for it, and I've already blogged about it and probably talk about it too. 
Here's the cover I made...

Isn't that picture just amazing?  I knew instantly when I found it on Pinterest that I wanted to use it in my novel. 
So here's the basic synopsis for it:
{Sky Aster, our herione, is fourteen and will be fifteen in a month.  She lives in the fantasy land of Dracen, and has lived her life knowing she's different- there's a bright red tattoo on her forehead and a father missing, with no knowledge of how or why!  A month before her birthday, she finally learns the truth.  A dragon tried to attack her, and when wounded it's blood stained her forehead and entered her veins. Now the dragon needs her and her blood so it can stay alive for another hundred years.  So Sky leaves on a quest to find her father, who went after the dragon and disappeared long ago, and to defeat the menace that has terrorized her city and dangered her life: the dragon from the mountains.}

:) :) :)  It gives me happy chills just thinking about all the suprises I have in store for ya'll when you read it!!!!!
And then, because I'm so awesome, I'm going to let you read a part of the first chapter!

Chapter One
Heart pounding, I use my body to catapult myself under a low hanging branch. Footsteps follow behind me, too close. I feel the heat around me, almost as though I could reach out and touch it.
There’s no way out. But I must keep running.
Branches tangle in my hair, sharp ribbons of pain. Their fingers grab onto my ankles, as if they are alive. Blue-tipped fire licks at my dress.
My foot catches and I find myself falling. I brace myself with my hands, cutting them on the sharp stones. In a puddle of dirty water beside me there is a face. The girl looks terrified, her face smudged and dirty. On her forehead I see a design as red as blood. Dragon’s blood.
Suddenly I have to get away. It’s no longer the fire, or the things behind me. I have to get away from that face. Because no matter how much I may push it away, the truth will always be there to taunt me.
That girl is me.

Sky sat up in bed with a gasp. The window beside her shed a pale beam from the moon into her lap. Glancing down, she saw how tightly she had been gripping the blankets. “It’s just a nightmare. There is nothing to be afraid of.”
But there was everything to be afraid of. Terror filled her mind as she relived the nightmares. Always running, always fearful, always aware of the fact that she was different. That there was someone else out there who wanted to hurt her. What was she constantly hiding from?
No. Sky threw off the blankets and landed on the hard floor. A cold shock brought her back quickly. But it didn’t stop the shaking. The nightmares were getting worse. More frequent. More real.
She pressed her forehead against the icy pane of glass in the window, acutely aware of the reflection in the glass. Her mark of strangeness, the red symbol that seemed to shout to others, “I’m different!” She had gotten so used to little children’s frank curiosity. “Why do you have that thing on your forehead?” As if not owning a single mirror in her house wasn’t strange enough.
Shivering violently know, Sky slipped back into bed beside the warm body of her sister. Was that what she was scared of? Of her dreams coming into reality? Or maybe that was it: the fact that it was true.

 “The dream again?” The messenger twitched, hating the feeling of having someone in his mind, twisting his thoughts.
Yes sir; just a few minutes ago.”
Did she wake up this time?”
Yes sir.”
And…” A warning note in his voice.
She is extremely frightened.”
Everything was going according to plan…..
From the dark heart of the tunnel a blast of fire engulfed the messenger, leaving a pile of powdered bones. “Excellent…..”


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  1. Woah,shivers down my spine! LOVE IT SO MUCH! You have to send me the document after it is complete. Love the cover of the novel. Nice!

  2. Your villain sounds positively evil. They are the most fun to write aren't they? Ooh, I cannot wait for the whole thing! You've hot me hooked!

  3. *evil laugh* I'm afraid it might be awhile till I'm completely finished...Currently Sky is only two days into her quest. :) But I'll keep you updated on how it's coming!!!


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