10 ways to get inspiration as a writer

Friday, May 10, 2013

I love writing, and you all know that!  BUT often times I don't have the motivation to do so.  Here is a list of ten ways that have helped me get inspiration and much needed motivation to write.
  1. Work on something else.  A tried and true method- if you're having trouble with something, taking a break or switching your attention to something else will help!
  2. Eat chocolate.  *guily smile* Don't ask.  But yes, I have.  And will.  It works wonders!
  3. Look on Pinterest.  It is the writer heaven!!  (or the baker, interior designer, fitness nut heaven)  Really, it has enough inspiration in itself!  Full of quotes, intruiquing pictures, and writing prompts or sayings, you will never run low on ideas.  Take this picture, for example. 

  4. See the potential?  And yes.  I got it off Pinterest:)

  5. Go to a busy place and people watch.  Make sure and bring your sunglasses of course.  Study one person in particular, write down the interesting things they do, and make up a back story for them.  Maybe you'll be brave enough to show it to them when you're done- who knows....
  6. Start a writing notebook.  Yes, yes, I know you probably already have a bazillion notebooks!  But this one will be different.  Fill it with random story ideas you have, character names, character ideas, titles you think would be fun to write stories for, and anything else in regards to writing!  Then, when you're low on inspiration, you can go and look through all you have and maybe even use it to start writing again!
  7. Read a book.  Often, when I finish reading a good book that I love I'm all the more inspired to write one that I want others to love!
  8. Listen to epic soundtracks from movies.  Get a Pandora station that always plays movie theme songs.  Many songs have helped me through intense parts in my book that I might otherwise not have written.  Well, I would've written them sooner or later.  Just- without music, there would be less drama:)  And what's a book without drama? :) :)
  9. Find a writing partner, and send each other parts of your story that you're working on.  Reading others people writing always maks me want to write, which is really what I just said in reason number 6.... TRY IT!  If I repeat myself, it usually means it's worked for me!
  10. sldkfjasldkfjsdfhgjks;laskdfjghjdsa;fkjsd f  Giberrish, doodling, being random, not making much sense, writing nonsense....All food for a writer's brain!
  11. And last but not least, WRITE!!!!  The more you write, the more you will enjoy it.  And the more you enjoy it, the more you'll think about it.  The more you'll think about it, the more ideas you'll find for future stories!  And there's your inspiration: In the everyday things!  In the weather, the things your siblings say.  In the pictures you take or the cupcakes you bake.  Everywhere is inspiration- God has given us a beautiful world.  Now it's up to us to find it!!!

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  1. You nailed it! Pinterest, soundtracks, and gibberish - I LOVE it! Not only did you make me smile, you gave me some ideas and reinforced some I already knew. Thanks Chloe! Now, abiteioet tahjdsoids fuadsgius . . . inspired yet?:) Okay, funnny aside, I would love to read parts of your book! Like, after the book cover on Pinterest, and all the pins for book inspiration, I am dying to hear some of it!

  2. Thanks for posting this, Chloe! I found all the ideas inspiring for getting going on writing!! Yes, chocolate does have magical properties! :) I second Mary Frances' request for a rough preview of parts of the book... so intriguing!!!

  3. Chocolate, epic music, and lots of pacing are what get me through an afternoon of writing! Thanks for more ideas, Chloe! Question: do you just find random things for your novel on Pinterest, or do you look for specific things?

    1. errr.... Normally both!! But I usually just come across the random pin that I think OH! that's perfect for my story! one time I sat down and searched "dragons" and looked at what that brought up, but normally it's random things that I see. :)


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