The Best Movie Sibling Pairings

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I have this thing about siblings in movies.  For me it's the most refreshing thing EVER to finally see a couple who isn't involved romantically, or who aren't "friends" that end up as (plot twist!!!!) lovers.  Like really, so original, Hollywood.

Sorry, sorry!  Is that cynical of me?  

Maybe a little.  So we'll kick that to the curb and move on to one of my favorite things in cinema history: siblings, and siblings done WELL.  

Lucy and Edmund from The Chronicles of Narnia

Aaaah, here's a relationship that progresses a long way.  Even if they don't have the strongest bond at the beginning of the series, by The Voyage of The Dawn Treader Edmund is doing his job as the protective older brother, and Lucy is there to tease him and help him to remember when he doubts.  I love that C.S. Lewis decided to have a book solely for those two because they're the ones who seem to have come the farthest on this journey. 

You really see this turning point in Prince Caspian when Lucy wants to follow Aslan and Edmund steps up and says that he believes her, even when nobody else does.  This movie truly follows their theme: "We have nothing, if not belief."

The Weasley clan from Harry Potter
(okay yah, specifically these four! I'm a little partial, I know)

I could gush on and on about this red-headed, adorable, terribly hilarious little group.  Some of my favorite scenes in the book happen when they're together.  What about in The Goblet of Fire, when they tease Ron about dancing with Mcgonagol?  Or when Ginny has a boyfriend and they have to "check up on him"? And let's not forget that time when Ron tries to get a discount and they respond like so:

Their family is just painted so realistically. The kids get in trouble, the mom is strict and yet makes sure they're all well-fed and safe beyond measure, the siblings fight and make up and fight again, and it's, well, bloody brilliant. 

Tadashi and Hero from Big Hero 6

YOU. GUYS.  These two are the sweetest because even though Tadashi is protective and "stricter" and tries his best to play the part of the parents for his little brother, he is still goofy and caring and says things like this:

but then does things like this:

I love that the screen writers didn't try too hard with their relationship. It flowed naturally and left you wanting more, more background and more inside jokes and more snarky moments.

Beth and Jo from Little Women

Jo was always my favorite character in this book (actually my first favorite character, period!). I secretly imagined I was like her, daring and fiery and tomboyish, when I was really more of a mix between Meg and Amy. 

The thing about an extreme personality like Jo's is that she needs an equally extreme personality to balance her out, which is exactly what Beth was for her! Sweet, patient, and the BEST listener when Jo read aloud her thrilling sagas. 
Jo was also very protective over Beth, promising her a grand piano and never letting the other girls make fun of Beth's family of abused baby dolls (read the book, y'all!). 

Jane and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice

I have a thing for sister friendships!  Don't judge :D

Jane and Elizabeth are another one of those opposites-attract pairings that I so adore.   Jane can't say anything nasty about anybody, and Elizabeth often has a hard time keeping her snarky wit and comments inside.  But they both love each other dearly, made obvious by the little interactions they have during the movie:

Margo, Edith and Agnes from Despicable Me

And now I'm going to ruin everything I've been saying because seriously: who needs sibling pairs when you can have a threesome like this one? There's so much going on here it's hard to summarize (and I'm bad at summarizing as it is!), but I love the honesty here. It's not easy sharing a house with sisters, and sometimes they do annoying things like this: 

But in the end, you protect each other and stand up for one another, even against creepy dogs and Cheetos that don't do what they're supposed to. 

So I need to know: Who did I forget???? Who are your favorite "cinema siblings"? :D

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    And both the Weasley clan and Hiro and Tadashi are favorites of mine. ^-^

    1. Thanks, Kelsey!! I had a bucket load of fun writing this because there are just so many darn cute siblings out there! :D

  2. Edmund and Lucy have always been favorites of mine--even before the movies came out. I loved them in the books. And in spite of all the shortcomings with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie, I still appreciated the relationship between Edmund and Lucy. It was pretty much the only redeemable thing about the film (besides Will Poulter as Eustace).

    I also loved Hiro and Tadashi.

    Another of my favorite sibling pairs is Katniss and Prim from The Hunger Games. They don't have many shots together, but the ones they do have are amazing. I love Prim and wish she had more screen-time. She's the perfect sister for Katniss.

    1. See this, THIS is why we are friends because KATNISS AND PRIM! Emily, I'm so sad I forgot them!!! But yes a million times over =D I love them so much.

    2. Haha, yes! They are so wonderful. Makes me want to watch those movies again. And I'm also really excited for Mockingjay Part II, because I'm hoping there will be more Prim.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love these!!! The Weasleys- one of my favorites.

    I agree with Emily, I love Katniss and Prim!!

    I've got to say, my *favorite* set of siblings would probably have to be Ian and Natalie Kabra from the 39 Clues. They had such an amazing bond, and their relationship evolved so much throughout the series. Gah. I loved them!!!!

    1. IKR? She's brilliant, and I agree wholeheartedly and wish I had thought to add them. Oh well! They get "comment credit" :D
      I have yet to read 39 clues, but I'm all about a good book series. Definitely going to look into those :))

    2. They're a fabulous series! They get a lot better with time- they start off a bit simpler, but as you get in, gosh, they get i.n.t.e.n.s.e!

  4. I agree. 100%.
    The sibling relationship in Big Hero 6, that's the main reason I even shed a tear. So emotional <3
    Jane and Elizabeth, ugh <3

    1. So. emotional. Notice how I said it left you wanting more? Um, there's a reason I wanted more!!!! Gah, the feelz there...

  5. Can I strongly agree with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE?! You hit on my favorite book/movie combos in every era of my life. And BAM! I'll be watching most of these movies...tonight ;)


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