A Letter About Wednesdays

Friday, September 18, 2015

Dear You,

If you could pick one day of the week that you would just skip altogether, which day would it be?

I know my answer in a heartbeat: Wednesday.

For some crazy reason, Wednesdays are long and hard.  I dread them and make sure I'm in bed super early Tuesday night so I'll have enough stamina.

Wednesdays, I have something going on from 8 in the morning until 7 at night, and I seriously DON'T dig that.  I like my time at home, thankyouverymuch! (it's a homeschool thing, guys)

Wednesdays also happen to be the day with the best surprises.  GOOOOO FIGURE.  I pray "Jesus, give me strength!" and He plops blessings in my lap. Blessings like when that one guy texts me out of the blue (you know the feeling!).  Some of the best blessings come in the shape of $5 tips from sweet ladies, great parking spots, cool mornings, and chocolate frosting hearts.

 God turns everything I know about the words "satisfied" or "happy" on its head come Wednesdays.  Sometimes, I have to look a little harder for the blessings.  My worldly filter can be turned up super high, and I see God-blessings as just normal things, like the weather or a smile from a friend.  But when I stop looking through my limited perspective and begin the day by asking Him to show me what He wants me to see... gosh, it just opens up a whole new world. 

See what I mean??  The view is breathtaking!! 

I'll let you know that my Wednesday: it isn't all that bad.  I have SO MUCH to be thankful for.  But I think you can probably relate when I tell you that this just happens to be the day where it's harder to remember that thankfulness is also a virtue ^_^ 

Maybe your "day" is Tuesday.  Could be Friday.  Quite possibly you have more than one!  I challenge you to look for blessings under every cushion of your couch, and when you find one, celebrate it and build on that.  I know God is waiting around the corner of every surprise and sweet moment, encouraging us to find our joy in Him and His gifts (because they're the very best kind, dontcha know!)

I hope your Friday was wonderful.  Mine was good, if you were wondering.  Friday isn't "the day", but it has it has definitely had its ups and downs, lots of impatience, much wondering about the future and boys and of course, lots of Jesus.  Trusting Jesus on the Wednesdays and the Fridays, good days and bad. 

Hope your week is just as wonderful as you are,


New life motto:
My life philosophy :D (via Pinterest)

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  1. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much I adore this post. Wednesdays happen to be my "day" as well- oh how I dread them! Mondays can be pretty rough sometimes too. But this post has given me a whole new outlook on them. Sometimes those little things can really turn a day around, especially if you're looking for them.
    Thank you so much for the encouragement, Chloe. :) <3
    Grace Anne

  2. OH MAN GIRL. my breath has fallen out of my lungs into a wisp of loveliness. Let us trust Jesus with every day that is gifted to us. ♥

  3. Such good insight! Your posts are such an encouragement...keep writing!

  4. My "day" is Monday, for sure. This morning started with me dropping my retainer in the toilet, in case you're wondering how sucky it gets. Mondays are like plummeting into an abyss after the glory of the weekend (which I got to spend with my man, to make the contrast even more apparent).

    This was a good post. As much as we hate those "certain days", there is something beautiful about each of them. (Like going out for coffee with my sister today, and then watching her volleyball game tonight.) Keep up the great work, Chloe!

  5. Wednesday is my day too! I am out and about from 9am to 9pm, and, let me tell you, it gets pretty rough. It's the little blessings that get me through, and I have to remember to look for them. Beautiful post, Miss Chloe!


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