Do You Ever Feel Alone In The Blogging World?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's the weirdest feeling that I just can't seem to shake.

People comment, and I respond.  People follow, and I follow back.  But does it ever feel monotonous?  Do you ever wonder if they even care?  Do you ever feel- just a tad bit alone?

I do.

Sometimes I wonder.... Why aren't they sharing?  Are my pictures not Pin-able enough?  Am I getting boring?  I must be the old hat of the blogger world for sure.

I blog to make people laugh.  I blog to help them learn.  I blog so they know they aren't the only ones out there who feel things.  But even as I try to make them feel like they aren't alone- sometimes I still feel like I'm floating at the bottom of the sea of blogs.  Like maybe nobody really understands what I'm trying to communicate.

Lemme tell you:
If you feel like this, you aren't the only one. 
True story!! 

And you know what?
Inevitably, someone is going to read a post of yours, and they will love it because you're you and you're writing and you're AWESOME!! Come on now!!! 
(I mean hey, you get automatic cool points for reading my blog. Cash those in baby!) 


Don't kid yourself; being a blogger is hard.  You're a photographer, writer, editor, publisher and comedian all rolled into one!! Cut yourself some slack, here. Blogging can be a pain. 

But remember; it's also epically, bodaciously, awesome. Those people commenting? They're real. Those people following? They like your blog!! And hey, while the negative comments and lost followers will happen, it's their loss. Not yours. 

I sometimes screenshot the encouraging words people send me about my blog... Do you do that too? 

Comments like these make it all worth it to me: 

It's in those moments that I remember exactly why I'm doing what I'm doing. 
I have dry seasons on my blog, and then I have times when the pageviews just pour in.

Neither one should define how I feel, or how hard I work. I can accept the fact that people are reading it, whether it's 1 person or 250; and I want to be a-okay with that. Ya know? 

So this week, let's kick loneliness' butt together.  Spread the love, read other blogs, and remember that you are just as awesome as you believe you are. 

p.s. Aimee at "To the Barricade!" wrote an inspiring post for you when you're feeling discouraged about your writing. You should go check it out! She gives great pep talks ^_^

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  1. Chloe, you have such a gift for expressing truth in the neatest ways. Keep writing!! It's so easy to be lonely on the internet with the lose of eye contact & such, but in the right way it can be used for some good things too. Let's all just do what we love & share the love. Thank you! :)

  2. Some days it feels like this. I was expecting a lot of comments on the second chapter of my mini story, but on that first day I got five comments, but all which I am grateful for. Sometimes we need to remember we are supposed to be blogging for our enjoyment.

    xoxo Morning

  3. AGH THIS IS SO GREAT. And I needed it. I really needed it. Thank you for being such a bright light in a dim world. ♥


  4. This got me. Perfect, just want I needed. Thanks:) -Bethany!

  5. Thanks for this, it's nice to know I'm not the only one having these thoughts. I hope you have no doubts whether my comments are monotonous, because I assure you they don't feel that way to me :)

  6. I so needed this post. I've been feeling SO lonely lately in the blogging world. I've been too fixated on the pageviews and followers I'm getting, or rather lack off, rather than focusing on the amazing comments I AM receiving. I suppose that it's just because I am naturally so hard on myself, so when I don't do as good as others I put myself down. It's a habit I need to get out of. Thank you for sharing this though :)

  7. Can I just say--I love this post. Very true!

    I'll be sharing this one. ;)

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I love it! I feel like we could be sisters, because we're so alike! These words are inspiring, although I haven't gotten to that place at all (or any place for that matter, as I just started blogging again), I look forward to reading more from you!
    (If you want, check out my new blog,

  9. <3 These are great thoughts, Chloe.... Perfect for me and for any other blogger out there :)

  10. this post is beautiful. Ive felt the same way and dude it sucks.
    I love your blog and your lovely comment that you leave on mine as well and your instagram posts and I love that you're so honest upfront in your writing. you're pretty rad. I hope you never forget that your blog is awesome and so are you!

  11. I loved this post, and I love your blog. :)

    I know what you mean, but I love the comments people leave and the fact that people enjoy what I write, I find it so rewarding.

  12. I'm a bit late to comment on this post, but I just wanted to tell you that I totally get what you're saying. Thanks for sharing those encouraging thoughts! Blogging can be hard sometimes, but it's so rewarding and has been such a blessing to me over the years.

    Every time I read a post of yours I'm so happy that I found your blog! It's so fun to read and often very encouraging to me.

  13. Found your blog today and I seriously love it! This post made me stop in my tracks (I'm sitting so not literally), but it was because this is EXACTLY how I've been feeling for the past couple months. My blog has been up since 2012, but since that blogging generation has past, it has seemed to be a lonely little place over there recently. I've been trying really hard though, to find new blogs, meet new people, and make new friends over the blogging world. Thank you SO much for the encouragement. It's so great to know I'm not along :)

    Molly Marie


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