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10 Favorite Screen Characters

Monday, March 02, 2015

In a very round-about way, the lovely Aimee from To the Barricade! tagged me for the favorite screen characters blog hop*, which I hoppily (oh snap) excepted.

*I googled blog hop and apparently it's a very real thing where frogs hop from lily pad to lily pad, croaking about their least favorite blogs.  Hmm. 

10. Edna Mode

PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!  This is Edna Mode we're talking about, the no-nonsense, no-sugar coating, and DEFINITELY no-capes designer from the Incredibles. She's not a woman to be trifled with, darling.

Disney The Incredibles Movie Quote Print by Cre8T on Etsy, $3.00 Hey guys! Check out my Etsy Store, "Cre8T", for more Prints Photography! -Tia

9. Riley

Oh Riley, how you make us snicker.  Not only is Riley one of the more oblivious characters of this movie, but his brilliant one-liners leave me in stiches. 
This gif of him screaming wins the internet:
Pinning this lovely GIF of Riley screaming to use later.

8. Falcon

Turns out I have a thing for sarcastic sidekicks with killer one-liners.  Huh.
I love Mackie.  Sam Wilson the Falcon 

7. Eowyn

Thank you Peter Jackson for a brilliant portrayal of a strong, beautiful woman.  I may or not have done something violent if you had put her with Aragorn (I smelled something fishy in Two Towers) but since you didn't; all is well!

6. Jack Sparrow

Jack, Jack, Jack.  As much as I love Falcon and Riley for their sarcasm, he takes the cake and moreso!  I fell in love with the Pirates of the Caribbean series a few years ago and have never looked back.  I shuddered in delight over the skeletons, shouted at the TV countless times, and most importantly, I LAUGHED, laughed, and laughed some more!!! 

Who else could play our favorite pirate? Johnny Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 5, due in 2017!

5. Angie

Angie is the best friend you dream of; honest, quirky, and stubbornly loyal. 
I have a huge crush on her entire wardrobe, love the way she calls Peggy 'English', and I absolutely adored this scene with her from the season finale:

4 & 3 Belle and Rumplestiltskin

Oh, be still my heart.  This is a relationship built on courage, undeserved love,  and most importantly, redemption.  Belle sees Rumplestiltskin for the man he really is, and not the monster that he labels himself as.  It's adorable and sweet and they compliment each other in a way you would never expect.  There's also the small thing about a rose, and a cup, and how the beast is not who you might expect....

2. Hiccup
A dragon-riding underdog with a compassionate heart and fabulous hair and an even more fabulous wit?  Sign me up!

1. Johanna Mason

Every time I admit to liking her I surprise myself.  The book-Joanna was cold and aloof and bratty, whereas I really appreciate the direction they took the movie-Joanna.  Here she was still aloof and bitter, but in a way that made you pity her, and, in a strange sort of way, feel an empathy with this lonely young tribute.  Her spunk and skill are admirable, and I really hope they continue to develop her in part two.

No matter how many times I see this, I still can’t decide whose face is the best. - Imgur

Looking back over this list, I don't think a single one of these characters** are the quote-on-quote "hero" of the movie, because they're either side kicks, or characters that don't get nearly as much screen time as they deserve.  How interesting...

**Except Hiccup.  Dear, unfortunately-named Hiccup.  And Jack Sparrow.  He wants you to THINK he's the main character but really, love, the real Jack Sparrow is dead and his hallucination-self goes off on adventures without him.  Confusing, I know, but what can you expect from a pirate?

What do you think?  After reading this list are there any strong, awesome hero/heroines that I totally missed?  And what about you??  are you more likely to like heroes or sidekicks?  Tell all!

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  1. Some of my favorites (in no particular order):
    -Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins
    -Hannah Thornton from "North and South"
    -Regina Mills
    -Jack Sparrow (can't argue with that one...)
    -Elinor Dashwood

    I've got a variety listed there, but in general, (aside from the few heroes listed) I think I tend to love the characters that aren't necessarily on a particular side. Or can't decide which side they're on. The complicated ones. With wonderful backstory ;).

    1. Wow. Gee. Look at all of the wonderful characters I missed!! you rock, Savanna! And I can finally agree with you on the Regina one too :D :D
      you and your backstory! it cracks me up!

  2. Finally, someone else who likes Johanna Mason! She was my favorite character aside from Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games. I didn't think I was going to like her as much as I did, but once she was in the arena, she really became a sympathetic character to me.

    Also, love Jack Sparrow. He's one of my top favorite fictional characters, ever. So, well done and well written.

    ~ Kayla

    1. *fistbump* She's very kick-butt and awesome. You have good taste!!

      Well thank you!!!!!! For your sweet comment you ARE invited to our garden party. ^_^

  3. What a great list! And Gahhh! Rumbelle shippers unite! They are the best *fangirling*


  4. Riley is so funny! great list! I also love Johanna Mason!!!!!! she is cool! you have a really cool blog! :)

    <3 CeCe

    [to check out my blog, click here]

    1. First off, I love your nickname. And second, thanks! Stop making me blush ;)) Can't wait to check out your blog!


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