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How To Create A Ringtone For Your iPhone: Step by Step with Pictures

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

This post has been in the works for quite some time, and my iffy plan was to clean it up and publish it today.  All of this was settled BEFORE my conversation with one of my fellow blogger friends last night:
Say wha???  Have I got a tutorial for you!! :-)
 Hopefully this is helpful for her and for you, my dear readers! 

1) Buy or pick a song that you already own and open in iTunes.  For today I'm going to use The Hanging Tree from Mockingjay, which I already had downloaded.
2) Right-click on the song you want and click "Get Info", and then "Options".
3) Figure out what part of the song you want to cut as your ringtone, fill in the start and stop times, and click OK.  For example, I wanted the chorus, so I set the start time at 1:44 and ended it at 2:03.  Make sure it's no more then 30 seconds! 
4) Now that you've set the start and stop times, right-click the same song and click "Create AAC version".  Your 30-second clip of the song should appear in the same album or an album of it's own.  Give it a few minutes to show up, or try closing out of iTunes and starting it back up again. 
5) Once your 30 second clip shows up, go back to the original song, right-click and choose "get info" and "options".   Now uncheck both of the times you originally set so you can still listen to the actual song! 
6) Find the new file and right-click it.  Select "Show in Windows Explorer" for a Windows user or "Show in Finder" if Mac.  A screen like this should pop up. 
7) Once it pops up, right-click your song and rename it with .m4r. The clip needs to be in this format if we're going to make it into a tune.  When I went to rename it, the ending showed up as .m4a.  You want to change that to m4r.  Once you change it, a box like so will pop up, asking you if you really want to do that:
Click yes!!  You do want that, actually!
8) Now drag your file to either your desktop or your music folder.  Then right-click and choose to open with iTunes.
9) Once you open up iTunes go to "Tones" and your little snippet should be there waiting for you!
1) Plug in your phone and wait until it pops up in iTunes
2) Go to Tones and click "Sync Tones">"All tones".
3) Pop onto your phone's settings and go to Sounds, and then click on Ringtone. Your song should be there!!!
I hope you found this helpful!  Pretty simple, right?  Comment below if you get it to work!  
What songs are you thinking about changing into ringtones?

Chloe Salts is an aspiring writer, pumpkin latte snob, sweater-loving sophomore who is slowly learning, day by day, what it means to fall in love with her Savior.
Give her books and chocolate and she will bake cupcakes for you until Jesus comes to take her home.  True story.
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  1. Okay, this doesn't have anything to do with your post, but your profile picture is look great!! And you're good at these info-post thingies. ;)

    1. Hannah you sure know how to make a girl feel special ;) thank you!

  2. Great post Chloe! I love your blog, it's amazing!

    A Little Bit Of Sunshine

    1. Welcome to the blog, Noor! thanks for the comment, will definitely be popping over to your blog ;-) I already love your title.

  3. This is so cool! I'm going to try doing this, with the song Read All About It (Pt. 3) by Emeli Sandi!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Never heard of it; YouTube, here I come!!

  4. Nice post! I've recently made 300 violins as my iPhone's ringtone. I love the step-by-step pictures!

    1. I love that song; what a fun way to get calls from people. It's very energizing!! :D

  5. I am totally bookmarking this page for when I get an iPhone (which I'm sure will happen in five or six years.)
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, Inklined!

    ~Sarah Faulkner
    *new follower*

    1. Have hope, Sarah!! It might happen sooner then you think! ;) I'd consider it a simultaneous blessing and curse that you don't have one right now:-) thank YOU for commenting back! I so appreciate it!

  6. Ahhhh, I had no idea I could do that! Thanks for enlightening me! *rushes off to make about 1000 ringtones*

  7. *pumps fist* CREATE ALL THE RINGTONES! Have fun Briana :D

  8. Just bookmarked this page! I don't have an iPhone yet -- but I'm sure this will come in handy someday ;) Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. o.o someone bookmarked my page. *inner squealing*
      Ahem. Well I'm so glad you found it helpful!! Good luck on getting an iPhone!

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