How To Clean Your Converse

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Be forewarned: This tutorial may severely embarrass you and lower your self-esteem.  A lot.

When I went to clean my Converse shoes I never realized what a traumatic experience it would really be!!!  You see- they were not just dirty.  They were ATROCIOUSLY nasty dirty with dirt in every crack and crevice.  Like I said, embarrassing.

But! For those of you who could care less and who's self-esteem is already sky high, first, cutos to you.  And second, you've come to the right place!  The greatest way to get the shine back in your shoes is here:


  You know it! And that's all you really need to know.  But because I'm nice I'll go ahead and give you pictures of BEFORE and AFTER.  You might be surprised what alcohol and a little cotton ball can do...

Take your cotton ball, load it with rubbing alcohol, and just start rubbing wherever it's white.  You'll go through an insane amount of cotton if your shoes were as dirty as mine, but it's SO WORTH IT! Look at this before and after!

I told you it was embarrassing.  But I was just dying to show y'all because I was floored with how well it worked.

Another option would be germ-ex, since rubbing alcohol is a key ingredient in that as well.  Which ever one you have more of works great.  

Now go!  Rise my minions and go clean those Converse!!!  (And pray that they aren't too small for you.  I learned that lesson the hard way)


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  1. YES! I adore my Converse but they're soooooooo dirty. lol. its just embarrassing. Thank you for sharing the secret to cleaning them! I'm going to go try that ASAP!

    1. Tell me about it!! You don't realize how bad they are until you clean them 0_o Hope the secret works!:)

  2. This is really helpful, because my converse are FILTHY too! (Btw, cute color! Purple is so awesome. ❤ Mine are just plain black.)

    Life as a Young Lady | O

    1. Isn't the color adorbs?? I fell in love with them the minute I saw them:) Black is a really nice versatile color. I'd love a grey pair. <3

  3. Replies
    1. You're so welcome, Eve! If you end up trying it hope it works!

  4. Thank you! I hurried to read this as soon as I saw the post title-I really need to clean my converse! REALLY BAD. (Rubbing alcohol to the rescue!) ;)

    We have the same color of converse! Hooray for purple!


    1. Oh yah baby. Rubbing alcohol really is wonderful. I'm just now starting to appreciate it:)

      *virtual high five* You have good taste :D


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