Playlist: Morning Tunes

Monday, September 08, 2014

Even with my basic basic 3rd generation iPod, I still have Youtube (PRAISE BE!), which means I have access to different songs other then what I own, which is really nice when I need to mix it up.

These are songs I either listen to while I'm working out, doing my makeup, cleaning my room, or just trying to wake up.  It's a big variety!!  

"Wake" By Hillsong Young & Free 

"Stars Align" by Lindsey Stirling 

"Waterfall" by Chris Tomlin

"I Feel So Alive"  by Capital Kings 

"Determinate" by Lemonade Mouth 

"Do Life Big" by Jamie Grace

"Starts with me" by Tim Timmons 

"Real Gone" by Sheryl Crow 

"Kung Fu Panda Piano Cello Ascends" by The Piano Guys 

I love it all, whether it's epic instrumental, upbeat Disney, or dance-party-worthy christian music.
And how about you? I know you all love to dance just as much as the next person, and sometimes getting up early is just downright awful.  Music really does make everything better :)  Do you have favorite morning music?


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