Ways To Change Up Your Quiet Time

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

I think one of the main things I like about having a quiet time is that there is no hard and fast rule of what you have to do.  You can do it wherever you want (your bed, outside, your room, lying on your back in the grass outside), whenever you want (at 3 in the morning, 12 at night, or anywhere in between), and really however you want.  God is always available and always willing to talk. 

Since there aren't any hard and fast rules some of you might be a little confused on where or how to begin.  If you are this post won't be terribly helpful since it's just things I've discovered and have added onto my daily bible quite time routine.  (To find out more on how to start having a quite time, please find me at my contact page and I would be more then happy to tell you about it!)

For those of you who already have made it a part of your day and are looking for some ways to make it a little different, these are ways I've found I can get the most out of my precious time with my Savior;) 

  • Invest in highlighters.  I can't tell you how much I enjoy looking back through my Bible and reading the verses that have blessed me over the years.  I'd always just underlined them with pencil, but for the verse that I really really love I've started highlighting in bright neon yellow
  • When all else fails, read three chapters every day, starting in Genesis.  I'm actually doing that right now, and I've found that three chapters is the perfect amount, leaving me enough time to really think about the chapters I've read and then to journal my thoughts.
  • Write your thoughts down!  No matter what you may tell yourself, you're not going to remember them tomorrow.  If you have an insight, a thought, or a question, make sure you have a notebook handy so you can quickly jot it down. I've learned this from experience!
  • Pray Scripture back to God.  The Psalms are my favorite when it comes to this.
  • Ask questions about what you're reading.  You can either ask them out loud or write them down.  Asking questions helps add a new depth to it and can help you remember things better.
  • Personalize Scripture by adding your name, or changing 'they' to 'I'.  For example: "But I will hope in the LORD, and He will renew my strength. I will soar on wings like eagles; I will run and not grow weary, I will walk and not be faint." -Isaiah 40:31
  • Make lists!  Examples would be: ways God is special to you, the attributes of God, what His love is, your favorite characters in the Bible and why, etc.
  • When reading a specific verse you like, put emphasis on a different word every time.
  • Pick apart a chapter.  Every day look at only one verse in that chapter and really study it and then try to apply it on that particular day.
  • Keep all your quiet time essentials together in a specific spot or bag so you can grab and go!
  • Every day (or every other day) pick your favorite verse out of your Bible reading and write it somewhere you KNOW you'll see it constantly (fridge, mirror, on an index card in your van).  I've been known to write verses on my hands, because I'm constantly using them and looking at them. Unfortunately that backfired when my youngest sister Brynley decided she wanted to write on her hands too.  Which then meant all up and down her arms in big black pen.  o.o
  • Make a list of specific verses.  Whenever I come across a verse that could really apply to specific occasions I write it down.  Examples:
    For the broken hearted- Psalm 34:18
    Healing- Psalm 30:2
    On the topic of many friends strengthening- Exodus 18:21-22
    When I feel lonely or abandoned by my friends- Psalm 41
  • Grab an accountability buddy.  Find a friend who will constantly be checking up on you, asking if you've read the Bible, and having you tell them about what you read.  This is lots of fun because you can gain insight from them as well if they share about their own personal quiet time.
Lastly, try to start each time by asking God to open your eyes, bless your time with Him, and really prepare your heart for whatever it is He wants to show you.  Whatever it is, it'll be incredible and     %100 perfectly planned for you.


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  1. Having devotions every morning is necessary for me :) I will be sure to use those ideas! Especially the journalism idea - "How did I not think of that before?" :)

    1. Haha, glad I could help! I've started to really look forward to having my devo every morning, which is really exciting. :)
      p.s. Most faithful commenter ever goes to you, hands down!! Thank you for all your sweet comments Autumn!


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