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Monday, August 18, 2014

Yes, I have two book shelves full of library books.  Don't judge me.  #bookwormprobs  #toobadionlyenjoyedliketwoofthem

 Alcatraz versus The Evil Librarians [Brandon Sanderson]  A great book for ages 8 to 80, it has so many little jabs and puns that only writers would understand.  Even though it's technically a children's book I still enjoyed it, which says a lot for the author.
Enders Game [Oreon Card] I have a few chapters left in this book, and I can already say that I will not be reading anymore in the series!  Very weird, has taken me FOREVER to get through, and has characters I can't relate to at all.
Sir Kendrick And The Castle Of Bel Lione [Chuck Black]  I had to return this one  to the library before I could read it.
Aquifer [Jonathan Friesen] Also had to return this one, anyone read it?  If so what was your opinion? 
North And South [Elizabeth Gaskell] Loved the movie, I just started the book, it reminds me a lot of Jane Austen's style of writing.
So Long, Insecurity [Beth Moore] Another one I haven't finished, I have to say that Beth Moore tends to ramble a bit, and it takes awhile to figure out her point, but I like what she has to say on the topic.

The President Has Been Shot! [Swanson] I returned it to the library before I got a chance to read it. 
The Tragedy Paper [Elizabeth Leban] Somebody wiser then me needs to review this book.  I liked it and yet didn't and probably wouldn't recommend it but see there's where I don't know.  It has bittersweet written all over it and you have to be in the right mood to read it.
Till We Have Faces [C.S. Lewis] I still have yet to read this one, anyone have an opinion on it?
Holes [Louis Sachar] I had to return this to the library.
The Death Cure [James Dashner] One of the weirdest books I've read, probably the weirdest SERIES I've read, this is the third book in the Maze Runner Trilogy and it was much too graphic and high intensity.  After awhile I became numb to all the horrors they were experiencing because it happened continually. 
The Dark Tower & Other Stories [C.S. Lewis] I randomly grabbed this off the shelf and then never had a chance to read it.
Life of Pi [Yann Martel] UGH.  I know this is a classic but the question is WHY??  Boring, long, and then unbelievably graphic in parts you aren't expecting at all.  Not worth your time!
Anything [Jennie Allen] Almost finished with this book and very convicted.
It's sad how many of these books I never read.  *sigh*And so it begins! Summer is over for us and our calendars are fu-ull.  What books have you guys been enjoying? I'd love to know!

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  1. I just finished The Maze Runner and wasnt sure if I wanted to continue the series, although I enjoyed the first one very much. I've also always wanted to read Holes.

    1. Well if you liked the first one, you might like the second. I didn't enjoy the first but the second kept me interested. ;)

  2. Holes is interesting but weird. As for Life of Pi, I totally agree. Who made that a classic?

    1. Good to know!!! And I know you agree with me, I thought of you as I wrote about it:)

  3. Holes was just "pretty good" when I read it, but it's one of those where the longer you think & reflect on it, the better it was. I didn't care for the Maze Runner series at all. I haven't read any of the others, but I really want to delve into some Jane Austen & C.S. Lewis...I haven't read anything by them, yet, except for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe once when I was really young.

    1. I think I know what you mean about Holes. Now I really want to get it out from the library again! Jane Austen and C.S. Lewis are some of my favorite authors, I would highly recommend them!!! :)


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