My Disease: Too Many Story Ideas

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I was perusing through The Notebook Sisters blog and Cait had this super mega fun post with all her story ideas that she loved but didn't have the time to pursue.  She had a fun list and I decided it was time to play copy cat, because, just like her, I have the lovely disease of TMSI, a.k.a. Too Many Story Ideas. 
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*begineth story rambling*
1. 'Never ever after series' (Children's, magical retelling) The stories all end with "they lived happily ever after".... But did they?  A possible book in the series would be about Cinderella becoming a spy who's sent on a mission to kill an enemy spy (who's the prince in his spare time) but doesn't and (surprise) the two fall in love.  The spy agency she's a part of would look into storybook 'crimes' and would investigate things by counting the stair height from the ball, studying the shoe for finger prints, etc.
I might include #2 in this series as well.
2. 'Still-to-be-named'  (YA, magical retelling)  In this classic redo of Snow White, it is the princess, not the queen, who is controlled by the mirror. (Whaaaaa?) They might also live in world full of snow and shifting hours of sunlight.  They've all adjusted to the fact that there's days of just sunlight, and then days of darkness. 
This would become interesting since I could very easily make Snow White the villain. 
3. 'Switched' (YA) A girl wishes for a new personality and gets what she wants, except not in the way she expected!  A little bit of everyone's personalities is a nightmare, as she soon finds out. 
A twist on this would be feeling every emotion in the world instead of every personality.  Which, in my opinion, sounds FAR FAR worse.
4. 'Nameless' (YA) In my world, children without names are considered cursed.  You guessed it.  I was born without a name. 
I LOVE THIS ONE.  Names are  soooooooo cool to me and I want I need I have to explore this sometime soon.
5. 'Still-to-be-named' (YA, dystopian)  I only have the world for this one, but in it songs dictate how you feel and what you do.  For example, a song titled "imagining" would have you automatically imagining until the song ended, or "fear" would keep you afraid until the song turned off.  This could be used for evil purposes very easily.
6. 'I murdered the president' (YA, dystopian) It was always just another mission.  They programmed me to have the thoughts of someone far older then my nine year old body revealed.  I was the innocent one, the one who could give the president a hug and nobody would bat an eyelash.  This assumption was everyone's downfall, and I never regretted my work.
I've gotten some interesting reactions from people when I tell them this story idea, and yes, it's a bit morbid.  Basically a group of rebels who hate the president and all that he stands for have figured out a way to program eight year olds specifically with the thoughts of thirty year olds.  That way they can go in and do all the dirty work and if they die it wouldn't be as big of a deal as if a full grown adult died.  VERY VERY BAD.  I do not support this idea in anyway you guys!  Please know this is just the bad guys, and by the end a very clear picture of good conquering evil would be presented.
I shudder to think about having these guys controlling you, and I would want to bring that redemption in the end where the eight year old goes against her programming etc. etc.
I think it's an intriguing concept but don't know how I would pull it off. 
7. 'Think a good thought' (YA) I know exactly what other people are thinking, word for word, every dirty thought.  I hear them so clearly it's almost as if they're saying them out loud.  Oh wait.  To me, they are.
This character already sounds wicked.
8. '10 Do's and Don'ts for a Wizard/Pirate/Magical shop keeper'  (Childrens)  Okay dears, this book is a little odd, I grant you.  It was just a title idea, really.  The first ten chapter titles would be a 'do' for whichever I pick, be it wizard or pirate or whatever.  Example would be ''Do challenge anyone to a duel'. (Yes, ridiculous)   Then as the danger increases, the last ten chapter titles are all 'dont's'.  For example, and I snicker as I write this, 'Don't wake the sleeping dragon.'
'nuff said.
This would be a fun book to just take and go wherever with, just totally make fun of all the fairy tales and make it as ridiculous or meaningful as I wished.   
To all you story ideas I say
I love this .gif
OH OH OH please stay just a little while longer!!! (not you, plot bunnies, my readers!)  I must showeth you my precious story bunny I'm working on as we speak:
The 9x7 Dream
This is much much too complicated for any sort of decent story synopsis, but I shall do my best.  Basically (and I mean basically) Alex Lesley is a science whiz and is hoping to graduate from high school early and get a scholarship at a prominent college near by.  Her plans are shattered when a secret organization grabs her with a promise of getting paid to pursue science all day.  The Harvesters are an illegal group who have found a way to take (or, harvest) people's dreams and use them for their advantage.  They claim they are looking for one particular dream, which will (strangely) cure the president who is slowly dying.  Alex begins with the idea that they're doing it for a good cause, but as the story progresses on, she realizes more and more that she is in way over her head, and she must figure out what is right, what is wrong, and what she is willing to sacrifice before they steal the most precious thing of all from her: The 9x7 Dream
(italics always make things better)
This is Alex:
Do please compliment her on her nose, she's very fond of it.

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  1. Please write the 8th one. Or share it with someone who will. It's so fun :)

    1. Wouldn't it be so adorably fun??? If I don't end up pursuing I'll definitely put it out for grabs.


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