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Curious, Isn't It? (15)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Been awhile since I've done this kind of post, and what with life happening and all (shocking, isn't it?) I thought I'd pop over and update you on some of the curious things happening this summer for me!

So these past weeks my mom has been going on a chick-flick kick.  It's hard to find the clean chick-flicks that aren't totally cheesy and trashy.  So far she's discovered When in Rome (this one is a little odd, just a head's up), Letters to Juliet, While You Were sleeping, and The Magic of Ordinary Days.  They're pretty much one hundred percent clean.  A few minor innuendoes but most of it just goes over my head;)

Oh gosh, I loved this movie.  Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side) does a great job playing the somewhat eccentric, not very put-together girl who finds herself engaged to a man she's never met in the first ten minutes of the movie.  Absolutely adorable. 
Those of you still on a Frozen kick will recognize her; Kristen Bell played the voice of Anna!  She's also very quirky and adorkable in this one, slightly awkward and totally loveable.
Speaking of loveable... This movie is super sweet, but like I said before, a tiny bit ODD.  Five men fall in love with her when she takes their tokens they threw in the fountain of love.  Their ways of showing their love to her are the odd parts.  But past that, I loved it and laughed so hard.  "Are you sniffing me??"

The writer/adventure seeker/future journalist wannabe in me loved this next one.

The comment on the cover is very true.  Letters to Juliet is very much a "classic Hollywood love story".  But then again, every chick-flick is a classic Hollywood love story. 
I loved that the main character not only is learning what love is through the movie (per the norm) but she's also learning about how she does her thing, and so instead of just finding stories she realizes that she likes to write them too!!  My writer heart sings;)

*HEART MELTS*  This movie.  %100 clean, %100 adorable.  Ohmycheeseandcrackers.  Keri Russell plays a preacher's daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock.  This is World War II time, so that was still a really big scandal.  She basically has an arranged marriage to someone she's never met to protect her and her father's reputations.  The whole movie is about her finding her place, and what it means to be loved.  She truly could not have married anyone sweeter, truer, or more caring.  If you watch any of the movies on this list watch this one!  It's adorable.
Besides having quite a few movie nights, my summer has been peppered with trips to the pool, watermelon strawberry smoothies (THE BOMB), working for my dad, lots of reading time, and mini-vacations, one for 4th of July and one the week after to see cousins! 
4th of July Pictures:
My sweet uncle, Brynley, and his granddaughter Kaylee


He was revving to get at the fireworks stock pile and when we finally let him he was like a little kid on Christmas morning. 
Layney takes credit for this one;)

Watching the fireworks.  Can you tell we're related? 
Cousin time: (okay confession, only two of the kids here are our ACTUAL cousins.  But their cousins that we met in Mexico two summers ago were all there too so we just called them cousins since it was easier:) )

Laura and I:)  We hit it off really well in Mexico and it was SO FUN to see her again.  She's only a year younger then me which is a lot different then four years younger.  Now don't take me wrong, I adore my younger cousins, I really do!  But having her, her thirteen year old cousin (Emma), and her seventeen year old sister (Anna) there was wonderful!

Girl time!!

Oh so I have a new favorite book trilogy :D :D

"The Girl of Fire and Thorns" Trilogy by Rae Carson

It has the plot twists, handsome rogues, relatable main character, political intrigue, danger and fights and clever characters.  SO GOOD!

(As a side note, I hate to add that towards the end of the third book two of the main characters do have sex before they're married.  Granted, they end up getting married but that by no means makes it right.  It's not descriptive at all, but you get the sense of what happens after the chapter ends.  So I'm sorry about that) 
I hope you all had a wonderful 4th!! 

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