Birthday Spotlight: AVERY DEWOLF

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DISCLAIMER: Now I know that Avery's birthday was yesterday.  I texted her mom to tell her happy birthday from me since she was on the road and I couldn't send a birthday email and I promised her a card when she got home and then I started this post.  That was all yesterday.  *sigh* 
Yet another day-late post:)
So this is Avery and I:


*pause for the collective awwww that will surely ensue after seeing the picture* 

*wait for it*

Yah, that's just a tad bit more realistic when it comes to our relationship.  (I look like a shocked bear and she looks very much like a chipmunk) 

Aren't we adorkable?
So Avery is a person that I honestly can't remember how long I've been friends with.  I have very vague memories of writing class together when I was about nine and she was eight.  (Just FYI, she's always been adorable, ever since I can remember.  About the ages 9-12ish I went through this really really awkward stage where I looked horrible in every single picture I was in.  Being slightly chubby with braces doesn't help the awkwardness;)  But Avery has never had an "awkward stage" since I've known her)
I have lotsa memories with her after that.  Memories like hand clap games, a spontaneous trip to Wendys for frosties and fries, that time when you spoiled a part in Harry Potter (but only because she thought I already knew it!!), volleyball tournaments, failed selfies with my iPod, trying to beat each other with all the things we could do on our bikes without hands, or that time when we figured out the puns in a Veggie Tales song and laughed ourselves into hysterics, (it was the bubble rap song if you were wondering, and we both had this lightbulb moment that they meant bubble WRAP too.  Yah.  #wewereyoung), that sleepover where we built a fort and read deep into the night, or that time where we talked for almost three hours straight and didn't realize how fast time had gone.   :D  I'm having a moment like that now realizing how fast time has really gone.  It's insane.
Her sparkling smile, her incredible art talent, her honesty, her incredible randomness, her love for Christ and for others are just a few of the reasons why this girl is so darn special to me.
This past year especially I've seen her mature and grow in so many ways.  She's not only grown in her humility, but also in her willingness to be open, and just her relationship with her Savior.  Not trying to puff your head up or anything, Avery, although I guess it's your birthday so why not! ;)
Some fun facts about Averu-
  • She's a devoted Lord of the Rings fan and owns two LOTR posters
  • She has an incredible knack with hair and almost always has it pinned up in some sort of pretty bun or braid
  • She's a sucker for anything exercised related, including but not limited to running, leg work, and killer ab routines
  • She's gone completely gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free and really enjoys it
  • Give her a Nike store and unlimited budget and you'll be best friends for life:)
  • One of her favorite authors is Leslie Ludy
  • She's played volleyball for three years, and this year will be her fourth
  • She loves singing and listening to (among other things) Celtic music
  • Even though she doesn't like writing she comes up with some of the coolest (and often creepiest) story ideas
She's wonderful and fantastic and I love her and shall hug her when I see her like so-

Until she says something like this-
;) Happy Birthday Avery!!! 
Love you lots,

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  1. Wow. Nice way to start a morning! Thanks Chloe! You are the sweetest and I want to give you a big squeeze!!

  2. What a fun post Chloe!! Love it when you do these. Happy birthday, beautiful Avery!

  3. Chloe, I was re-reading blog posts this afternoon, and stumbled upon this one! You are so sweet, I can't wait until YOUR birthday! (If you google my name now, these images pop up 0.o... scary huh?


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