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Catching Fire: Movie Review

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sooooo remember how I told you I had a Harry Potter cry-fest whilst watching the Deathly Hallows part two a few months ago? Haha, I never learn.  Last weekend I did the same thing, again, except with Catching Fire.  Terribly wonderful movie, that one. 

Where to start.  Hum.  Well first off, MOVIE DIRECTORS EVERYWHERE TAKE NOTE.  The way they followed the Catching Fire book was astounding!  Sure there were a few people they had to cut for length and for minor importance, but I was consistently impressed with every new scene.  Catching Fire was my favorite book in the trilogy, by far, and so for them to be so loyal to it really made the movie for me! 


Katniss Everdeen-  In this film she's definitely grown.  The Hunger Games changed her, and not necessarily for the better.  She's more distant, and more selfish, which is already leading up to Mockingjay.   But her love for a certain person has also grown, and there were a few scenes where I was just "yup!  there ya go!  I do like you!"   She goes through so much in this film, and there's one fantastic plot twist that just leaves you gaping.  I literally had to keep myself from shouting when I read it for the first time!  I think one of her biggest qualities is the way she loves those close to her.  If you even lay a finger on her family or loved ones you'd better be prepared to pay the consequences for it, which they definitely brought out even more in the second film.

Peeta Mellark- This movie was extremely bittersweet because I've read Mockingjay, therefore I know exactly what happens to each of the characters.  No spoilers, but what happens to Peeta kills me.  So every time I see him in the movie it's like this punch in the gut. 
His character development was pretty minimal, I'd say.  He's still the lover from the first movie, but with a sense of maturity to him.

There's so many more great characters I could go into.  Prim is growing up, Haymitch and Elly have grown fond of their victors so you see different sides of them, Finnick is PERFECT, I won't even begin to talk about Cinna for reasons I can't say, I enjoyed Johanna much more in the movie then in the book, and the development in our villain is truly magnificent.  President Snow is one of those villains who are so good and they know it.  But not only does he know it, he rubs it in Katniss' face every chance he gets, which makes him doubly hateful.

Book vs. Movie: In the book I really liked getting to experience it through Katniss' eyes and hear her thoughts and insights about things, like how shocked she is about Prim getting so old and mature, or how she handles certain situations. Just little things like that. 
I also think it's funny that nobody ever says what the two fingers and the whistle means in the movie, so it's nice to know that from the book. 
Hmmmm..... I missed the scene in the book where they turn the electric fence on with Katniss trapped behind it, I wish they'd put that in the movie.  I really enjoyed reading it and figuring out how she was going to get out of this mess. 
Lastly, I really hope they explain the end scene from Catching Fire in Mockingjay part 1 or all the people who didn't read the book are going to be very confused! 

Movie vs. Book: In the movie I really liked Johanna. I wasn't quite sure how to picture her in the book, actually I didn't really picture her. So I loved how they portrayed all the different sides of her. I'm excited for her roles in the last two parts. 
I also wasn't mad when they didn't include the scene with the two young woman who had escaped their district. I found that scene rather dull, but that's probably just me:) 

There's very minimal swearing in this film, which I'm always happy about.  The violence in it isn't nearly as bad as the first film.  Much less killing shown and more if it implied.  It's definitely rated PG-13 for good reason, though.   
The romance aspect is done pretty well, I think, although I'm not much of a judge.  There's also a lot of tension because of the romance which is always good to drive the plot along and see people's real intentions. 

Overall AMAZING MOVIE.  Jennifer Lawrence really shone as Katniss, and got so many of the emotions needed.   I loved it more then the first one, and I'm looking forward with excited dread for Mockingjay, part one. 

Hope your spring break is wonderful!

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  1. Good review!!! I just watched this last night and I'm planning to do a review soon also. :3 One thing: At the end of the characters category you said "Elly" instead of "Effie." :DDD

    1. *facepalm* What would I do without you? I was thinking about you while I wrote this post actually because I'd just read your review about Thor 2 and totally agreed with pretty much everything you said. Elly, Effie, same difference! :p

  2. Love it!! I have not watched the movies, but it's fun to read your reviews!:)

    1. Thanks girly!!! I think you'd reallllllly enjoy Catching Fire :D :D

  3. I just watched this with Jack and I loved it! I agree they should have put the electric fence scene in. Great review Chloe!

    1. I'm so glad you liked it!!! :D Thank you:)

  4. I've not read the books or watched the movies, which is why I love these reviews! It's nice to know some of the plot and comparisons with the books and movies without committing to reading/watching the WHOLE thing. Plus, your writing style is so engaging. Your blog is definitely win-win!
    P.S. Did you notice I can COMMENT NOW??? Courtesy of my Mom's computer! Yay!

    1. Yay! I've missed your comments!!! :)) I don't know how much you were able to understand, since like you said, you haven't read or watched it. But thank you!!! I'm glad it was engaging!


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