Tried and True Pinterest Finds

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pinterest is always a wealth of great ideas and amazing finds.  But I often wonder how many of these thing I'm pinning actually work! 

Since I've tried quite a few of the Pinterest crafts and pins I wanted to share the ones I've had success with!  

Mix Elmer's glue with food coloring and paint it on to any glass to make it look like sea glass when dry.

Sea glass Mason Jars!!!  Pretty pretty!  See here (under the picture in the description) 

Does it really work?
You don't get the pretty album artwork along with it, but it works! 
Lasagna Soup - Cooking Classy
YUMMO.  If I made this again (which I definitely will) I'd either shred the noodles a lot smaller or just use different pasta altogether.  The big chunky lasagna noodles didn't taste nearly as good the next day.   See here.
This thing is unreal.
This website is creepily accurate.  Try it!!  See here!
How to hollow out a book for a secret hiding place...been wanting to do this, now I have directions.
Who doesn't want to have a secret hiding place???  And in a book no less!!!  I grabbed a random book from Goodwill (after of course checking to make sure the content was alright) and then I immediately went to destroying it.  :) :)  See here
DIY: chalkboard notebook
I have not personally done this one but Savanna Dewolf made me a beautiful notebook exactly like this for my birthday last year which I still have!!  Go check it out here!
Lemon Bars, but the consistency of brownies
I loved these!!  Tasted like lemon bars but the consistency of brownies.  See here!
How to make skies beautiful in GIMP.
How to make beautiful skies in Gimp!  It works!  Go try it here
I love this helpful picture for putting perfume on.  Perfect for clueless people like me!!!
This girl is so cute and her tutorial is really short and easy.  Although this won't work on all scarves, it's a great general idea!!
Sweet, protein snack!
Oh my goodness.  These little protein balls are just about as good as candy and three times as healthy!!!!  LOVE!
8 Tips For Studying   #studying #tips #homework (important to consider study surroundings, clothing, and other environmental factors)
I've been trying to use these tips more, they make studying seem less like a chore and more like something I can tackle.
That's all I have for tonight!!  Hopefully this was helpful for you!!  Tell me some of your favorite pins! 

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  1. You win the "most number of creative blog posts in a row" award!! :) Love the mason jars, they are so elegant looking! And the lemon brownies look amazing!

    1. Girl have I told you lately that I LOVE your comments?!??
      Thank you!!!!!! Yes, try the lemon brownies!!!!! Delish. And the mason jars tutorial works but the paint doesn't dry as smoothly as in the picture, FYI


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