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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Snow Day!!! 

Sorta.  Although we didn't get the day off of school, we did get to sleep in, eat scones, and right after lunch we tramped outside to bury ourselves in snow.  It's amazing how fast all those little flakes piled up. 

Aaahh yes, scones.  I did not make these (on account of sleeping in), so my  mom hopped in for breakfast duty.  They were amazing, and relatively healthy. 

My new favorite song!!  Actually this is my new favorite song with lyrics "Ready Set Go" by Royal Tailor is super up beat and I start dancing every time I hear it. Although when do I NOT dance when I hear music?!

NUTELLA ON THE GO.  Need I say more?!  I was gift-shopping for Emily (she's thirteen!! Crazy!!) and I remember her saying she loved nutella.  I made my way to the jams and jellies aisle, and there beside a jar of peanut butter, was this little guy.

Now my one regret is not getting one for myself. 

FINDING MY MAIN CHARACTER FOR MY NEWEST NOVEL!!!!!!!  This is real cause for celebration, guys!  Meet Amari:
More about her and her story coming soon!!!

Pumpkin muffins from Radinas.  Oh and the chocolate caramel swirl muffins from Starbucks.  Mmmmmm.  I have an obsession with muffins.  Especially the right kind.  You know, the ones that are spongy and yet dense in a really good way??  #idon'tmakesensetomyselfeither  #muffinlove

I found this card set at Target and really want to go back and buy it.  I love the quote on the front.


Harry Potter me-party.  Friday night Noah, my movie buddy, was gone at a sleepover.  I didn't feel like watching Lord of the Rings or anything else without him, so I decided to open up my Christmas gift and have a Harry Potter movie night (since that's the one movie he can't see).
Oh goodness.  I watched the last movie, which was a mistake.  EVERYONE DIES.  And I cried.   And ate pretzels, and cried some more.   I stayed up until midnight just curled up in a blanket watching.  It was really very fun.

Speaking of that, my new favorite instrumental music is called "Courtyard Apocalypse".  Even if you've never seen or read Harry Potter, I strongly suggest you go listen to it.  It's really short, but it's one of the most beautiful pieces I've heard in a long time. 

This blog tutorial for adding social media icons.  Wow.  I've been meaning to make social media icons for a long time, but the tutorial always scare me because of how long they take.  So last night I randomly googled "social media icons" and found this tutorial.  It made my day!!! 

Emma Stone's hair cut.  I really like the short layered hair style of this, especially since I already have my bangs cut in the same style.  And this girl is just beautiful in general!

I love her hair.  Absolutely love it.
Gymnasts ab workout.  Phew!!  I tried this yesterday and my abs certainly hurt today.  I did everything except the beginning, which for some reason I couldn't quite get.  The coordination of the crisscrossing legs and arms and moving up and down eluded me.  I'd really like to learn it so I can go through the whole video without a pause.  See here for video. 
I WANT THIS DORM ROOM.  Oh my goodness.  I've always loved the lights strung around the room. 
dorm idea.... THE LIGHTS
Love this idea
I'm think about trying this for my bedroom.... What do you think?  :)
Until next time,
Chloe  xoxoxo

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  1. I had one of those pumpkin muffins a couple weeks ago! They are so good :) I'm off to look up that song! I have Royal Tailor's first album, but not their second. Oh my gosh, we have shoveled our driveway (the whole thing and the part in front of our garage) three times ... and now we're starting again this morning. Ugg! :) I love the rooms you picked out! They are so pretty. Feel free to design mine! Oh, haha, I did that ab workout, too ... I never did anything quite like that when I was in gym, it is so fast! I had forgotten about that one. If you want a good ab workout, do the "10 pushups, 10 v-ups, 9 pushups, 9 v-ups," etc. I haven't worked up to that one yet :) Love that quote on the card! Aaaand, I'll finish with I'm going to listen to that instrumental music while summing up my longest comment to date. Have a lovely snow day, Chloe!!!

    1. Whohoo, I love long comments!!! I'd vote on "longest comment yet" too.
      Ugh I feel your pain. My brothers and dad waited until this morning to go scoop off the foot of snow on our driveway and then we all went out for donuts afterwards. I love being homeschooled:)
      I'll definitely look that ab workout up too. I know! It was too fast for me to follow along and get the best ab workout just because I had to keep glancing back down at my ipod to see what new move they were doing. :)
      You too girly!

  2. You named your MC! Ahh! I love it ^_^. Oh yeah, the rest of your post was great too. :P

    1. Haha I KNOW! During OYAN Anna and I got on the baby names website and just searched to our hearts content until we found the right one. Next week we're gonna find one for her character:)

  3. I love the name for her!!! (Did you know that's what I named my main character way back in our writing class for my version of the cinderella story?! weird..) Anyway, can't wait to hear more!

    1. Haha nope I definitely did not remember that!!!!
      Thanks! I just wrote a very dramatic tear-jerking scene for her this afternoon. I'm so cruel.....

  4. I LOVED the pix of your snow day! And you have very good taste for dorm rooms! I vote YES! to the lights! And I like your idea of the movie night by yourself, although, correction: You weren't really by yourself. You were with pretzels, and that counts for a lot! (Again, you have good taste... and this time I mean it literally!) I'm impressed you're motivated to work out, especially abs! They are my least favorite, so good for you!

    1. Aww thanks, 'Natalie'! :) :) Haha my good taste in dorm rooms is everyone else's, guess where I found the pictures??
      You're right! Pretzels definitely count as a lot. And 'motivated to workout' is a little bit of an understatement..... Right now I'm just still sore from volleyball yesterday! Isn't that sad?!

  5. Oops... that ^ comment was from me, Hannah. :) And yes, I've done this before. I forget I'm sharing a computer!

    1. See I don't share google accounts, but if I did I can see myself doing this WAY too much. :D


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