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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Figure that one! 
So lately I've been finding a lot of relatively short and fun Youtube videos, be they music videos or just-for-fun videos.  So the only logical thing to do is to share these videos with you!  ;) ;)
The Piano Guys: Kung Fu Piano Cello Ascends
Music video from some of my favorites: THE PIANO GUYS!  This is the newest (so far as I know) music video from them, and they did actually hoist a grand piano up onto the wall of China to film this!!
Seven More Lies About Homeschoolers.
Probably my favorite video ever!! The redneck part gets me every time. 
Who's Yo Daddy?
This one is so stupid it's funny.  You're going to either love it or hate it:) 
Disney Frozen Medley.
This is just beautiful.  Watch it!!
Virtue Makes You Beautiful.
I love the twist on this normally annoying song!  Great reminder and message:)
Fellowship of the ring wraiths!!  =D I couldn't resist adding a Lord of the Rings video, no matter how short or how cheesy it may have been.
Rend Collective: How to Speak Northern Irish (with Lacrae)
I finally watched this with Anna and just about died.  These guys are hilarious.  I mean who wouldn't be, when you're trying to imitate an Irish accent!? 
Harry Potter Spring Teen Comedy
Oh yes.  This one is probably in my top five favorites. 
Pentatonix "Can't Hold Us".
Yes I bought it:)  My siblings love to turn this on and make every day a dance party!
Annelise Forbes Sings "Let It Go."
This little cutie just makes the song 100% better.  And I already loved it!!
So what are some of your favorite videos? 

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  1. These are all awesome!! But If I commented on each of them it'd take up an entire page! so I'll comment on only a few ;)

    My dad loves Rhett and Link. We all watch them during family time and we're always in hysterics by the end. :)

    That is amazing. I must say. Their voices are out of sync, but the lyrics are just awesome. I do like the original, but only cuz its catchy, I like this one much better though!

    I am totally in love with Pentatonix. Their voices are just so amazing. I usually dont say I'm a fan of a specific band or artist, I'll like some of their songs, but not them in general. But this is an exception!! Oh my goodness. I just love them :D

    Man that girl can sing!! I remember singing in church when I was nine, no where near that skill! Wow!

    You have some good taste in videos! I always get sidetracked. I'll look up a video for a song, and then somehow i'll end up watching a poptart making eggrolls. :P

    Thanks for sharing Chloe!! :D

    1. I think that is hands down the longest comment I've gotten!!! Thanks Rachel you just made my day!!!
      Agreed, I was no where near that skill level at that age oh my goodness!!!!
      And Pentatonix- I am forever indebted to the Keeleys for getting me hooked onto them.

  2. Love the Lecrae and Rend Collective one.....and I've seen it so many times now. Pentatonix is always incredible, and the piano guys too. Thanks for sharing these Chloe!!!

    1. Well it's thanks to you that I discovered quite a few of these!!!!! ;))

  3. So much fun! These definitely guaranteed a smile! Especially the Ringwraiths! :)

    1. I know right? I love all the little references and irony in that one;)


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