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Friday, November 01, 2013

(Curious, isn't it? is a weekly blog post where I blog about a highlights of my week and things I've been loving) 

Family volleyball "tournament": I think this is really the best way to end off a great season.  Families playing volleyball against each other and then snacks and more volleyball afterwards!  A super fun night.  Even though  our family didn't do so well our first game, (i.e. we lost), I loved watching how the other families failed and triumphed.  The two champions who won all their games (The Steinbachs and Petermans) faced each other at the end and the Petermans finally won the whole tournament.  My favorite part was definitely when everybody jumped in at the end and scrimmaged each other.

On our way to the game!
 (On our way to the game!)

Babysitting Marcus Weddle: This little cutie has got to be one of my favorite kids to babysit.  He's now walking everywhere, can twirl around, is saying little things like "ball", and "yes", and will sit for hours playing with one special puzzle. :)

EOS Pomegranate lip balm: This is the best lip balm I have ever used, no joke.  It leaves my lips feeling so soft, and it rolls on really nicely.  Definitely a new staple for my purse!

Pumpkin sugar cookies: Soft, light and fluffy the first batch I made was gobbled up quickly. Since it didn't taste much like pumpkin I made another batch and doubled it so I had enough for my family and my biology class. By the time I got home the container was empty:) You HAVE to make these sometime this fall, take my word for it. 

My hair cut: As I sat in the chair at the salon I told Shea that I would trust her with my bangs, and for a second when I saw what she'd done my first thought was: WHY DID I TRUST HER?!!  But then she straightened them and fixed my hair and by the end of the day I loved them. 

Makeup bag: Along with my new lip balm I found a new makeup bag at Target that I'm really enjoying.  It folds out into a long line of pockets, perfect for makeup and when we go on trips to fill with my face-wash, hair supplies, etc. etc.
Max Fitness: Now that volleyball is over my goal has been to work out more, try running and doing Pinterest workouts at home.  But let me just say that it's ridiculously hard to find the motivation after awhile!  Which is why my mom suggested I come try out Max Fitness with her!  I had a blast.  One of her favorite classes that she goes to regularly is called "FitBall" and all your exercises are centered around this big exercising ball. I had fun and it was a SUPER good work-out. 
Baked apples: Need I say more?  My dad had been craving these for awhile and so yesterday he made us all a batch of them.  They're dripping with butter and cinnamon and then you add caramel sauce and some good ol' vanilla ice cream and you're set for heaven. 

Write a novel in a month: Am I crazy? Yes. Am I excited? YES!  November is the official write-a-novel-month. Gemma Abrams and I are taking the challenge and are each going to write 500 words a day for thirty days. Which means that by the end of November (if we're on top of it) we should have a 15,500 word and 64 page novel!!  Now can you see why I'm excited?

(My two characters)

Some things I'm NOT loving this week:

Biology module 6: Oh help.  This module has me near tears.  The study questions are confusing, the 45 definitions are overwhelming and the test is coming up.  AAAHHH.  Somebody say stress! 
Sports ending:  A post with pictures about this is coming soon I promise.  Volleyball is now officially over and football will be over on Tuesday.  :( :(   I almost wish I played basketball so the fun wouldn't end!  Notice the emphasis on the word almost.

What are you enjoying about this week?


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  1. Oh my word aren't eos just the best!?! I have like 5 of them :)
    The bangs look good on you! Super cute :) I tried them once, they just ended up bugging me!
    L.O.V.E the character pic!!
    Hey..... Do you want to play basketball????? ;)
    We could reaalllllyyyy use you and your height! :)

    1. Yes I definitely wanna get more! What flavors do you have?
      Thanks girl! I'm so used to bangs and I love the way they look that they don't really bug me but I understand how they could.
      Isn't it awesome?!?! I'm so excited to start writing.
      Haha, nice try. Maybe next year girl! I definitely want to come watch you play though!!!!

  2. Aww, your bangs are ADORABLE!!! You are really pretty, girl! :) I love that blue shirt, too. Gosh, your eyes are stunning! A makeup bag sounds lovely, although I'm afraid I wouldn't have too much to fill it with. :( And I feel for you with about Module 6... yuck! You can do it! I survived, despite major procrastination, so I have faith in you!

    1. Well thank you!!!! Even though it's been a few weeks since I got them cut I still love them, which is pretty impressive.
      Yeeeessss I don't have much actual makeup to fill the bag with, but I also keep it for when we travel to carry things like face wash and such. It's really convenient;) :)


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