Another Day in the Life of Chloe

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Remember this post?  Well hear I am, almost eight months later, re-writing this to do a Wednesday in the life of me!  I was planning on doing a Sports blog post chock full of fun pictures, but I'm learning that my plans don't always go as I, well, PLAN them to!  My mom's computer shut down once again leaving us with no way to access any of the pictures on there.  Thankfully my dad has recently bought a very high-tech touch screen computer that we are allowed to use if we're extremely careful.  Thanks, Daddy:)

{Wednesday, October 23, 8:30 a.m.}
"I love I love I love I love the way you hold me." For such a sweet song from Jamie Grace, it still jars me out of my sleep every time, giving me a mini heart attack! My hand immediately goes to snooze and I prepare to get up for the day.

AAAAHH!  9:30!?!?!?  Why did nobody wake me up???? (Because you sleep downstairs with boys who wouldn't dream of waking you up for fear of evoking your wrath!  Oh shut up.)
The last thing I remember is pushing snooze on my alarm and saying that I'm going to get up- and now this.  *groan*  I hate sleeping in so late, it just takes that much longer to do school.

"Chloe!  It's your turn to make breakfast!  We're hungry!" Now I'm really struggling to control my attitude.  My mom is gone at her workout class, my siblings are pestering me for breakfast, and school still hasn't happened.  HOW DID THIS DAY GO SO TERRIBLY WRONG!?!?!  (You slept in is how.  OH SHUT UP!)

Muffins are in the oven, actual clothes (not counting sweat pants and PJs) are on and I think it's safe to settle down and begin work on my favorite part of Biology: The lab report.  No really!  I'm not kidding.  I hate the tests, the study guide questions, the note-taking and the studying. But the lab report includes writing, and writing what I observed.  This I can do.

*sigh*  I always thought it would be fun to be a highschooler.  Now I am one and I'm taking it all back.  Before it would be 12:30 and I would be completely finished with school!  But now..... And peoples, I'm only a freshman!?!?!? 

A well-earned bean burrito and then back to the books.  But all is not as it seems.  I have my customary seat in the sun-room where I do my school, and I was sitting there as normal today.  My brothers were playing a game on the computer that involved sirens and police saying things like "We've got him now", or "Slow down speeder!" You get the picture.  For awhile, I thought the noises I was hearing were only the game.  But soon they got louder, and I realized they were coming from outside.  I had the boys pause their game and listen with me, and sure enough, we heard a man very clearly and distinctly say, "Come out with your hands up."  ?!?!?!?!?!?!  Oh and did I forget to mention?  We were at home alone. 
Running around to different windows in our house we tried to discern where the noise was coming from, with the boys pestering me the entire time to go outside and look around.  We finally realized that there was flashing lights in the parking lot just behind our house, and that was where the noise must have been coming from.  But that was all we learned.
To this day we still don't know what we heard.  *cue scary music* 

Time for my hair-cut appointment!  I love the way it feels to have my hair cut, both during and after.  Shea is my absolute favorite.  She's such a joy to be around, and she laughs a lot.  My kind of gal!!  :)  She had told me the last time I came in that I would look good with bangs that covered my whole forehead, not just bangs to the side.  So I plopped myself down in the chair, wished for luck, and trusted her.  I'm so happy that I did! 

Seeing how close the Steinbachs lived from the hair salon, the only logical thing to do was to go and say hello!  And maybe stay an hour- or four:)  Jerica and I ended up studying biology, having fun on our ipods, and playing for hours outside with their volleyball.  We also managed to consume a lot of food at supper AND get five balls stuck up on their roof.  Thanks to Jerica's dad and the aid of a ladder he managed to get them all down.  Thanks Mr. Steinbach!

What fun day.  I love how God can change what appears to be another boring day filled with school and turn it into an opportunity to have fun with friends.  :)  We serve an awesome God, ya'll know that?
Speaking of friends I also had the pleasure of staying up late texting miss Abby Bennet about collage plans and her excitement for State.  It was a blast!

*yawn*  I should probably get off Pinterest- *gigantic yawn*- But it just keeps on going and going- *yawn*  I think I'll just-just- a few more- zzzzzzzzzzz

Thus we close the curtains of our heroine's stage and the audience rises with a round of applause.  Thank you all for walking with me through a day in the life of me:)


(As a side note, I don't mind if you all copy my idea and do a day in YOUR life for a blog post!  In fact I'd love it if you would.  I think it would be fun to see the daily routines of different people!)

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  1. Haha, excuse my stalking... :D but I love these. You should do more. :D

    1. Also, I'm really jealous. You're so brave! I write a bit, but I'd never have the bravery to share anything such as this! If I share it, I give it no effort because something with effort in it is scarier to share. :P

    2. Well thank you!!! I don't know about brave, but it's certainly humbling!! :) :) Your comments are always so sweet! Thank you again!


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