Results #2 Part One

Friday, October 11, 2013

Well, you have the results!  Although these two pictures are probably not ones I would've put together, I left the choice up to you, and this was what you chose! 


Swirling lights.  Soft, pastel colors.  Toes pointed and legs slender and graceful.  Oh to be a dancer, to feel the wind rustle your dress.  To twirl and leap and let your dress float delicately around you.
Oh, to be a dan-

Kassie screamed as another knife hit the wall beside her.  This knife was even closer then the others had been.  How easy it would be for her captor to slip up, to miss, to curve slightly to the left and hit her. 
Was it just a day ago that she had penned those words?  She had been speaking from her heart- just coming from a dancing contest she had been full of emotions and wanted to get them down somehow.  But then the events afterwards had spiraled out of control and now she was tied to a chair, forced to sit there and be at the mercy of people she didn't know and who could do anything they wanted to her.  It was a chilling thought. 

"Please, tell me why I'm here.  Why I've been taken away from my family!" Kassie choked back a sob.  She hated how pitiful and helpless she felt.  "If you're trying to scare me by throwing knives at me then good.  You've done your job." Panic clutched at her and she fought to breathe and stay calm.  "So just- just tell me." 

There was silence, and Kassie saw the men glance at one another.  Then they beckoned to another person who was in corner.
Kassie screamed as the woman stepped into the light and threw a knife at Kassie's head.
"Easily spooked, isn't she Marta?" One of the men laughed cruelly.

"Ello, sweetheart." The woman called Marta stepped forward and pulled the knife out of the wood that was a mere inches from Kassie's head. "Ready to make us some money?"


And now I'm going to leave you all in complete suspense while I go to bed.  Oh, don't worry.  I'll finish Kassie's story!  But I'm tired and need sleep and long story short I'm having problems with this story's ending so I'll just stretch it out to a new post.  Sleep well, everybody!  Oh I'm so evil OF COURSE YOU CAN'T SLEEP WELL!  Something awful is going to happen to Kassie!  And you don't know what!  Mwhahahahaha.  Dare I say sweet dreams?

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  1. I like it!! Except for one little part... didn't you say close to the top she couldn't see her enemies, but then at the bottom she can? Just wondering:)

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, I spaced and forgot to fix it even though I kept telling myself I should!

  2. I have to agree ... these are hard. Nice job, though!


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