A walk through my life in pictures {Part 2}

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello all!  I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted.  I'm sure you're DYING to see more pictures of me, right? :D
Okay, okay, I digress.

Continuing from part two!

Age 6-11
Don't I look like Brynley right here?  (Oh and don't you love my fashion sense?)
Cute story, this.  For some reason I had my mind set on making a table.  So that's what I did!  Or, attempted at.  I had my little pieces of wood that I would nail together, and they would BARELY stay together.  I'd leave them for the day and the next day it would have fallen down (surprise, surprise) So then I'd build it again and announce it to my family even though they'd already heard about it from the day before. 
I think half of the reason was because my dad has always been doing something with carpentry ever since I was born, and I picked up on that (and the spare boards lying in our backyard!!!) and decided to try it out myself:)

Mary Frances!  Yes!  That's you at the end!!  Oh, and look.  I'm still taller then you.  :) 
You know two of the only things I remember about that dance class is one, how shy Kyra was, and two, how you chose the most "complicated" step to show the parents. (complicated in a seven year old's eyes)

My cute little birthday party!
YES!  That's Anna Keeley and I!  (and a little Ford boy) 
I believe this was at Layney's first "official" birthday party, with the Keeleys, Fords, Porters, and Smiths!
Aren't we all so LITTLE?  I mean look at Jack!  Or Emily!  Or Noah! 
Yes, this was my baptism.  I wrote about it in my diary, actually, and the funny thing was that I didn't so much focus on the baptism- it was all about what we went and ate right afterwards.  How very like me:)

I was a big fan of tea parties- so much so that I invited Abby Condrey over to have a little doll tea party!!

 Now notice.  Above pictures: No braces. 
Now: BRACES!!!  Those lovely little things that hurt your teeth and make smiling painful but were SO worth it.
I'll finish all my pictures up in PART 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh wow, we all have changed SO MUCH. Abby Condrey, wow! You're right, braces are worth it, but they plague photos for years! :)

    1. I know. I've had A BLAST looking through all the old pictures and comparing the then and now!!
      Braces.... ugh. Layney is very close to getting them and she's nervous from the "horror stories" she's heard from me and others. I'm trying to convince her that they're worth it but she doesn't believe me!

  2. Great photos Chloe! The second Picture with the table looks JUST like GABE!! :P ANyway, you're so cute, and liiiitttle!! Love posts like these:)

    1. Gabe, huh? Well now that I've looked back you're right I do just a little bit.
      Thanks, girl!! :P

  3. AWWW! OK, yes. I have actually been very excited to see this second installment! I LOVE pictures, especially old ones. AND, I'm enjoying seeing other people I know as "littles"! ;) I've always thought before that you look exactly like Brynley, but in some of these pictures, I think you look a little like Layney, too! You are soo cute!

  4. I love this Chloe! It's so fun to see you (and other people) when we were so little. You look so much like Brynley!


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