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Three Perspectives, One Picture

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I decided that I was going to write today.  Better yet, I decided that I was going to put you all through the torture of READING what I wrote.  *evil chuckle*  I'll give you chocolate if you read the entire thing.

So here's my picture of choice:

  I wrote three different perspectives from this picture.  Please comment when you're done reading and tell me which one you liked best!

Perspective One:

Another afternoon by myself, wandering the beach.  The bakini she had insisted I wear was covered with a shirt.  I hated bikinis.  Why did she always make me?
I kicked a sharp seashell and was rewarded with pain and a small cut on m foot.  Gasping I grabbed my foot and hopped akwardly to the shade of a stone arch, the sand burning my toes.  "Stupid seashell," I muttered, wiping away a tiny trickle of blood.  "Stupid summer."
This ocean was really the only good thing about my situation.  The last crumbling parts of an ancient castle were seen sunken in the water not far from the shoreline, and arches buried in the sand were all that was left to show of its former glory. 
I leaned against the stone and imagined, like I had a hundred times before, what the castle used to look like.  The bright blue sky provided a massive canopy as I drew myself an imaginery city built around an imaginery castle. 

Perspective Two:

Was she STILL sitting out there? I groaned.  She should be inside, perfecting her shabby looks and getting ready for tonight.  I rapped on the window, and saw her turn around.  I made a beckoning motion with my han, tyring to smile like a sweet step-mom should.  At least people didn't accuse me of not trying with her.  For goodness sakes she wasn't even wearing the swimsit I bought her!  Of course she would cover it up with that awful shirt.
And what was she doing?  Making weird signs with her hands?  What a strange child.
I rapped again, but this time she completely ignored me.  With a huff I grabbed my sunglasses and stomped outside.  Her fun was about to be interuptted.

Perspective Three: 

The girl just sat there, her back slumped in relaxation.  Occasionally she made motions as though painting the sky.  Maybe she was, in her imagination.
I've always loved the ocean.  This little part is normally very quiet.  The castle adds a beauty that isn't seen by many.  I like it that way.
See, there are some people I don't think should be allowed to live here.  Like that lady who the girls lives with.  She's always bossing her around and spends way too much time outside under the sun perfecting her "tan" in her ugly bakini.  Olive-green skimpy looking thing that it is. 
The bakini, not the lady.
But the girl seems different.  She never wears anything like the lady unless she has to, and she normally sits quietly near the water.  She seems like someone I'd like to meet.  Maybe someday I'll work up the courage.

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  1. I liked the 1st! Nice job girl!! This was cool! You should do it more often, I'll help you find pictures:)

    1. Thank you:) I wasn't sure of they were weird.... It sure was fun to write!

    2. Yes, I do need to do it more:)

  2. 3rd perspective! Just because there is more mystery involved. Great job with these! It wasn't THAT long of a post (I was really curious for a second:)and worth every second. Oh, and I've got lots of pics I would love for you to use! Or maybe I could steal your idea and do it, too? :) Awesome stuff, Chloe!

    1. Thanks! I have to agree, I think I like the third perspective the best. It was the easiest to write for me for some reason!
      You can totally steal my idea and do this yourself, but I'd also love to see what pictures you've got!! You should pin one sometime. Make it challenging for me!!

  3. I read the whole thing, I get chocolate! :D *happy dance* I liked the first one best, and actually, pretty much in order. I found the third one a little confusing. Good work though! Out of curiosity, which one's /your/ favorite?

    1. Oh wait, you already said the third. ;)


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