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Friday, July 12, 2013

You know that amazing feeling you have right after you've worked out??  Sweat dripping, breath coming in short gasps, and you're walking away with your head held high.  You just worked out, and don't it feel GOOD?????
These past few weeks my dad has been pushing Noah and I in our every other day nightly runs at the old stadium.  *gasp*  He is relentless.  I know that whenever I worked out before by myself (I laugh now, that was nothing compared to what we've been doing) I wouldn't push it.  Sure I'd sweat, sure I'd be sore, but I'd never make myself go just that little bit farther that leaves you feeling so proud.
My dad will.
At least 20 sprints, down and back, over and over, DOWN SET HUT!  You are not sitting out on this one!  Up!  On the line!!  Over and over until you're gasping for breath. 
But it's all so worth it.
Water break, and onto the stairs.  Everybody's nightmare.  Up we go, and at the top our legs are trembling and achy.  Alright, back down.  Do we get a break? Nope.  Pushups, on the stairs, fifteen, GO. 
But its all so worth it!

I'm sweaty.  My throat is parched.  I can't breathe without gasping.  My side aches.
But is it worth it?

Every. Last. Minute.

I'm so thankful that my dad is pushing me- I'm so thankful for a body that is healthy enough to do all this.  I'm so thankful that we have water when we're thirsty.  I'm thankful for the new turf out at the stadium.  Man, I'm even grateful for the amazing running shoes I got.  Worth it?  TOTALLY.

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  1. Wow, I admire your positive attitude... I need your dad around to push me to the utmost, too! :) Sounds tough, but I'm glad it's been worth the effort!

    1. Its so true, I would never go as hard if he weren't pushing me. :) you should come join us sometime! seriously!

    2. after I've described just how exhausting and tiring and non-fun it is.... You should come join us! hehe:)

    3. I would join you! Working out is going to be non fun and tiring, but you might as well do it with a friend, right? :D


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