Our second May birthday girl

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Who, as it so happens, had her birthday party two months after her actual birthday. 

Spa day at the Salts'!! 
From left to right: Arianna, Megan, Alexa, Olivia, Addy Mae, Layney, and Jenna
(please forgive any name misspellings in advance!!!)
 Pick your paint color, ladies!
 Once they had their feet scrubbed and washed by my sweet mom, they moved onto the "nail department".
That would be us, don't we look professional?  ;)
Avery, painting the birthday girl's toes.
 Aren't they all so pretty?
Shall we put two feet in the picture or just one?
(Avery is just glad to get her picture taken)
Pretty little toes!
And of course we can't forget about the snacks!  At many spas they have a table of little goodies and
things to munch on while you're being pampered.  The girls were DELIGHTED!  ;)
Snack time!
And then, I think, Layney's favorite part: Presents!
I made her re-do a few hugs so I could get pictures of all of them!
She was having too much fun posing for me.
For her special birthday dessert Layney requested brownies with Reeses Peanut butter cups on
top.  Can you say YES!?  I was happy to make them, one because they're so easy, and two,
because they're so good!  Seriously.
But I'll stop raving about the dessert.  Where was I?
Layney's birthday.  Right.
Makin faces at the camera....
Blow 'em all out!
 All seven beautiful girlies....
Happy birthday, Layney:)

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