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"I really hate that chicken": Despicable Me 2 Review

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Just to let you all know, I will put a "spoiler alert" in front of the few paragraphs that would give anything away for those of you who haven't watched it yet. 
So you know how normally hollywood tries way too hard to make the second movie just as good if not better then the first one?  This was not one of those times!!  I was so thrilled!!  It was adorable, it was sweet, and it had some old characters that you had grown to love from the last one, along with some new ones that I loved even more!!

  Lucy, Gru's new spy partner, was adorable.  I absolutely loved her.  She was cute, smart, and a fun blend of poised and totally out of control. They did her really well!  
The minions, as expected, were hilarious and adorable, also the girls.  But I didn't like the innapropiate humor they had to add, there was more then the first film.  Nothing outright bad, but I caught it all the same and was disappointed that they felt like they had to make it innapropiate to make it funny.  

Another thing was the villain- not as good as the first!  Vector, in my opinion, was the most ridicolous guy for a villain; and that's what made me love him!  "Both direction and MAGNITUDE!"  :)  This villain, they were trying too hard.  He was big and secretive and pretended to be all nice on the outside but (dramatic music) lo and behold, he wasn't nice!  
But those were the main parts that I didn't like.  The rest was so darn adorable, and there was great lines, my favorite being "Lipstick tazer!"  
The story was sweet, and I laughed practically the entire time! Definitely a must-see for the whole family!


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  1. I like how honest you are! When you don't try to "sell it" it makes me want to see it. Weird, I know:). Great job reviewing Chloe!

    1. P.S. sounds like it was a really fun movie! I love quoteable movies!:)

    2. Well thank you!!! I tend to be somewhat critical of movies and their plots, and so when this one turned out I was so happy!!!!! It was adorable!

  2. Whoa, you should be a movie-reviewer or something. I like your honest opinion and I really want to go wach this thing now! :)


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