An adorably small birthday suprise!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

You will NEVER guess what Layney got for her 10th birthday.  Think hard....  Her face when she heard what it was might give you a clue....

As soon as breakfast was over we hopped in the car to leave to.... Petco!  Which means she's picking out a pet!!!  Which means we know have a guinea pig!!!!!
 Here's option number 1, one of the two she was considering and my favorite.
Option number two

And her final pick!  Little Fuzzy Flash has joined the Salts family!
For birthday presents we all bought her things for Fuzzy
Assembling his cage!
And the finished product!!  Can you see him in his little purple hut?  Look hard!
Our entire family is smitten, even my mom and dad!
He is just so easy, and loves to be cuddled.  With Layney for an owner you bet he's getting lots of that!!
All in all, we've loved him so far, and are able to enjoy him more then Thumper our bunny because he is so much more social.  Fuzzy fits right in, and we all adore him!

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