Oh the joys! Oh the joys! Oh the- pain....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

One of the things I love about working out is how GOOD you feel afterwards.  How ACCOMPLISHED!  There are soooo many awesome benefits to excercising.  You end up living longer, looking better, and feeling great! What's not to like?  Well, there is the fact that it's hard and time consuming and makes you breathe harder and you get sore....But other then that.... :) :)

Startin out with a pullover and a smile on my face!  By the end I had stripped to my tank top.  Phew I was hot!
Bananas are great pre-workout food, as are things like granola bars/any fruit/yogurt and such.
I've got a whole playlist for workout motivation, full of super fun workout songs by Christian artists who know how to rock it!
Some of my favorites:
Basically all of Britt Nicole's songs, but here are some specifics:
-Amazing Life
-That's How we Roll
-Welcome to the show
And did you know that this girl is pregnant?  ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!?!?  Whohoo for Britt Nicole! (also, there was your useless piece of information from Chloe, now we can move on)
Toby Mac's songs are all great, but my three favorites are
-Me without you
-Eye on it
Barlow girls have some fun tunes!
-Average Girl
-Good Morning (particularly if you're working out in the morning)
And those are just a few!
So today I started off by alternating between running and walking.  What I find works for me is to make goals.  One of mine was that I'm going to keep running until I reach that mini van/fire hydrant/you name it, even though my lungs are practically about to burst.  Then I'll slow down to fast walking for a little bit and catch my breath.  Or maybe after the chorus line of this song, I'll start jogging.
That is much more realistic until I can work up to running for longer periods of time. 
After a little while I was sweating and red in the face, so I decided to circle back around, get a water break, and then start on a different work out, this time one that I made up.
The hundreds workout
:) 50 squats (and after running woah do they burn!)
:) 30 crunches
:) 10 pushups
:) 10 more of whatever you want
Repeat this as many times as you want! 
When I was finished I felt like I had really earned my shower!
Now for those of you who work out more then I do (as in most of you!) I know this doesn't seem like a lot.  But it's a start, and I'm so happy that I'm actually making the start!  Here are some fitness quotes that have really inspired me and given me the drive to keep going.

^My personal favorite^
And that was my Sunday afternoon!

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  1. Love Britt Nocole and her song Amazing Life! Good for you, you'll get there! We're with you all the way, no matter how sweaty and red faced you are;) Now my next challenge is to be spiritually exercising as much as physical - equally as hard!

  2. Oh, yes! Running is SOO fun now that you can run without being sore. It will be great for VB season!!

  3. Good for you, Chloe ;) you might find yourself enjoying running someday! :) Although distance running is important for overall conditioning, for volleyball, sprinting will actually help your performance more. (oh the pain! I HATE sprinting! Making myself run fast is just painful!).

  4. Oh glad to know someone else sprints too! And I despise it just as much . . . running as fast as you can over and over is a pain!

  5. My sprinting would hardly count as "sprinting" :) The only way I can REALLY sprint hard, is if someone is running with me... otherwise, I'm a lost cause :)

  6. Ooh, we should hire our brothers to chase us! Ugh, NOW that sounds painful.


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