A super big birthday shout-out to a beautiful friend of mine: Hannah Peterman!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Can you believe this girl is sixteen?!?!?!?!?!  *gasp of shock* I know, right?

Being the extraverted person she is, I know she loves getting compliments.  So I've decided to compliment her publicly:)
Where to begin.....Hannah is, in a word: Encouraging.  I don't know how many times she has shot me a random email letting me know she's thinking about me, or called to talk, or just hugged me to let me know she cares!   And that's another thing: she actually cares!!!  Even if she doesn't exactly get what I'm talking about, she asks questions and makes you feel as though she's interested (whether that's true or not).
Just a few of the random facts about her:

-She loves drinking carbonated water PLAIN
-She could eat cereal every day if she got to choose!
-She loves to bake, and can make some delicious lemon crème whoopee pies! 
-She teaches a Sunday school full of second graders who she adores (and they LOVE her)
-She can't do any accent except a highly exaggerated Southern one (Howdy, y'all!)
-She hates getting her picture taken
-She loves to run, and has the most awesome neon pink Nike shoes to boot!

I could keep going, but she's already probably horrified that I told y'all THAT much.  :) :)
God has really blessed me with Hannah as my friend.  I love that I can talk to her about anything that's on my mind, and we are very similar so we can both relate to each other really well.  I feel like over the past few years, we've gotten a lot closer then we've ever been, and I love that.  I cherish her friendship! 
A few words that would describe Hannah: Talented, unique, fun, so enjoyable to be with, encouraging, loved, a blessing, easy to laugh with (and sometimes at). 
But I don't want to be the only one saying what I love about Hannah!
Question of the day: What do you love about Hannah, and why?  :) :)

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thats a great pic of Hannah! Oh, goodness, I love lots of things about Hannah, but my favorites is probably her willingness to talk, anytime, anywhere, (parking lots;), about anything. Happy Birthday Hannah!

  2. Happy Birthday, Hannah! Wow, 16????

  3. Oh, Chloe, this is soooo incredibly sweet of you! And it made my day that you remembered all those random things about me. :) Thank you so much for your encouragment and for just being an all around awesome friend. You are INCREDIBLE. :) Love you!!!

  4. I love soo many things about Hannah! I love that she is an extrovert... I love that she has the gift of making everyone feel welcome and special (and can include anyone with ease)! That she bakes, runs, really loves everyone, always has a positive attitude, and I'm quite convinced never gets frustrated with anyone but herself! :)


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