19 excuses for why I don't write

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My top 19 excuses on why I don't write!  Feel free to use any and/or all of them, they're tried and true!

  1. I'm busy.
  2. My story is terrible!  It's not going anywhere!  I don't know what to do with it!
  3. I have writers block (yah right)
  4. Other things going on.  (yes, like checking Pinterest!)
  5. My computer isn't working, don't remember where I left off working on it, oh! Guess I can't do it today!
  6. *gets on computer* ooh.  Pinterest.
  7. *two hours later* I've been on the computer too long! I should get off! 
  8. Blogging counts, right?
  9. I need inspiration for my story, I'll just get on Pinterest and look up pictures to see if I can find one that remotely looks like my main character!  (hah, good luck with that one!)
  10. Someone else is using the computer.
  11. I'M A TERRIBLE WRITER!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I don't feel like writing.
  13. It's not really that important... (but then if we're using that logic then of course neither is your blog, pinterest, the forum, anything you do on the Internet. right?)
  14. I don't feel at all inspired!
  15. I'm bored with this story.
  16. My character isn't cooperating, therefore I shall not work with her.
  17. This story is lame!
  18. My plot isn't going like I want it to, I'll just start a new story.
  19. The biggest excuse of them all: Pu-lease, I have plenty of time in the day to write! I'll do it....LATER
Aragorn says it the best, as only he can:

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