Friendship: Harder then it sounds!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

This past year (2012) has been a big learning process for me.  I started volleyball, decided that I wanted to go to a summer camp, and grew closer to all my amazing friends through writing class, bright lights and volleyball! 
Friendship is easy to start, but to keep it going in a godly way is another matter entirely, and I won't lie, I've struggled with the hows and whys of being a good friend.  So I decided to look up the definition for friendship, and here's what I found: 
Friendship is a relationship between two or more people who hold mutual affection for each other.
A relationship between friends.
You see that?  Affection.  Relationship.  LOVE.  When you love someone, you are selfless, thoughtful, encouraging, and make them feel special.  But oftentimes those aren't what I am.  I know that I'm jealous, neglectful, selfish, and judgmental so much more then I am encouraging, or selfless!
The bible is full of amazing examples of friendship.  David and Jonathan: Jonathan risked his life, disobeyed his father, and gave away special things that he loved, all because he loved David more!  Ruth and Naomi: Ruth left all she had ever known, her family, and her interests, to help her mother-in-law, even when Naomi persisted that she go back! 
This is all easy to say...  "Do this", or "be like that".   For me, I always think, 'Oh, I really need this advice'.  And then I walk away, maybe try it for a little while, and then forget it and move on.
But that's NOT how it works!!!!!!!!!!!!   At all!  God is the best friend we could ever have, and He has proved this over and over. 

Sending his son was like a gesture saying, "You are so important to me, Chloe Salts.  I made you, I love every part of you, and I want to spend life and the rest of eternity with you!  I'm the greatest friend you could ever have, and to show you how much I mean this, I'm going to give you a gift.  A gift of love, a gift that means the world to me.  I'm giving you my one and only son."
It breaks my heart and yet fills me with joy that someone would love me so much.  So why don't I love others just as much as he did?
Being a good friend can be the little things like taking the time to hug them and tell them you're praying.  Then go home and actually pray!  Or shooting them an encouraging email asking how they're doing! 
I need so much work on this area, and every area in my life.  But I want to work on this one in particular.  So prayers would be appriecated! 
Just know that God is the ultimate friend, and when your friendship with Him is strong, then it will leak out and the joy you feel will strengthen your friendships on earth.

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  1. Oh my...thats all I can say...that is the BEST post you have written Chloe Salts. Love how friends should be like this and this but we are sinful and we can be judgemental...the list goes on, i know. Thanks! That is such a great reminder!

  2. I love how you personalized it . . . "You are important to me, Chloe Salts." I think we all need to remind ourselves of how important we are to God. Awesome insights and I loved your closing sentance!

  3. Love this post, Chloe! I love your honesty and transparency. You are so insightful. And just for the record, I think you are already a wonderful friend. :) You may see your weaknesses, but don't be discouraged. Jesus can use them for HIS glory!!! And He's definitely using you to encourage and relate to me. :) Thumbs up!!!!

  4. Replying to all comments: You guys just made my day!!!! Thanks for your encouragement...This has been on my heart a lot lately, and I just wanted to try to tell it to others. Hence, the blog post.

  5. Yes, it was beautiful!


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