A much anticipated dream coming true!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

No, not the one where I suddenly become amazing at volleyball!!!!!! :)
My room is slowly but surely being completed, and now the walls are up, my closet is finished, and I'm one step closer.  You who know me, know that I've been waiting for a very long time to have my own room.  Out of my entire life, (not the biggest sum of years, but still!) I've had my own room for 4 months.  4 months. 
Can you see why I'm so eager?!?!?!!?
Here's the progress:

Yes, the ladder was in the way.  Oh well.

(Sorry Dad!  You got in the picture too!)

My closet!
Now these are really poor quality pictures, and trust me, it's super difficult to take pics in such a small space with so many tools and boards all over the floor!  Hopefully better pictures will be coming soon.
Three more steps until it's completed: Mudding and taping the walls, painting the room (that's all on me, so if any of y'all are looking to practice your painting skills, call me!) and carpet!
I still cant believe it's almost finished:)  Yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!  Right this minute my dad is downstairs working on it.  I'm SOOOO thrilled!
Since I've had awhile to look forward to having my own space, I decided to make a list of all the benefits it'll come with.
  1. Peace and quiet.  You don't know how much I've wanted this!  Those of you who share your room with siblings can relate to this: Whenever I want to be alone to just think, or do schoolwork, or read, someone is always in there making noise!  And while they have a right to make noise, seeing as how it IS partially their bedroom, it's been hard for me as I've gotten older not to be able to lock the door and be alone without someone coming in to get stuff!
  2. Future sleepovers.  I feel sorry for my guests who've had to sleep on our basement floor whenever they come to spend the night.  Natalie and Hannah particularly-they've had to deal with creepy shadows and scary noises! (another story for another time)
  3. Bedtime.  I really enjoy reading.  I enjoy reading everywhere, anytime, and as much as I can!  And one of my favorite places to read is in bed at night.  Can you see the problem!?  My sisters go to bed a little earlier then I do, plus I share a bed.  So I have to be super quiet not to one, wake them up with my flashlight, or two, keep them awake with it! 
  4. School.  I'm looking forward to having my own space downstairs in my little room to do school quietly and efficiently.  
  5.  Waking up early.  I've developed a habit of sleeping in, and for the longest time I've wanted to break that habit!  But there's one eensy-weensy problem.  I can't set the alarm for fear I'll wake up my little sisters or my parents! (who have a room right next to ours)  So that would be another of the many benefits.
  6. Space for my things.  Three girls sharing a room is hard, not to mention cramped.  Brynley has no room in our closet to put her things, and Layney is forced to line her stuff up on the side of our bed (I know many of you have probably noticed that!)  Once I move out, the girls will have much more space to put their things!
Those are just six of the many things I'm looking forward to about my room, plus being able to decorate it like I want, be as messy or clean as I want to be, and have time with my friends in my room! 


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  1. That is so excited! I am so happy for you . . . what an awesome thing to look forward to. Especially the more space;)
    Do you get to decorate it as well?
    Looking forward to more updates (and the sleepover story:)

    1. OH yes. Definitaly decorating, and I've finally narrowed my color choises down: lime green, aqua blue, grey, and some hot pink. :) I'm excited!!!

  2. I will totally come paint with you!! I'm so excited for you:) Sleepovers will be less complicated too:):)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. We'll just have a painting day at my house!!!

  3. YAY!!!!!!! It's looking great!!! It'll be so much fun to see the finished project! Although it will be weird to go to bed at your house and NOT get creeped out by shadows and heaters turning on at night. :)

  4. That is really exciting! You will love having your own room. Pretty soon I am going to have to share my room with my new sis.. Lets see how that goes!

  5. Though, I may get to stay up later for her to go to bed! YIPPEE!!!!!


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