Who do I say He is?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"He", being Jesus, my amazing Savior who breathed life into me 14 years ago and hasn't given up on me since!  I know that if I were Him, I would've given up on me years ago.  Thankfully, I'm not Him.  Which brings me to my question.  Who do you say Jesus is?

Now think about that for a second.  He is (to name just a few) perfect, powerful, all wise, omniscient, loving, steadfast, and so much more.  And I love to think about all of this.  But I'm thinking about a different way to show Him that I love him for who He is!
Something my dad has been talking about during our Bible time has been ways to glorify God.  Today, He touched a little bit on the subject of who we say He is.  We went around the circle and each said what we said Jesus was to us.  Here was mine: Jesus is all powerful, and He knows the master plan for me.  That may seem obvious, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like that was what I've been struggling with believing!  Many days I get frustrated with the same, mundane routine of school and chores, school and chores.
There's always things that I say wrong, or do wrong, and I end up sinning again and again.  I get annoyed with siblings because I'm not satisfied with what I've been blessed with! 
I've been blessed with so much, and there are many people in this world who haven't.  They don't have running water, or fresh fruit, or electricity, or the ability to pick up the Bible and read it!

I say that He is powerful.  Powerful enough to give me thankfulness when I'm not ungrateful. 
I say that He is forgiving.  Forgiving enough to love me when I fail.  And fail again.
I say that He is the only one who can satisfy me, even when I feel like being satisfied with earthly things.

I like to remember that I have a throne in my life.  On that throne are the things that are important to me.  Friends, food, technology, books.  Those are all fair and good, and God gave them to me to bless me!  But they are nothing in comparison to the full glory and wonder of being able to communicate with the God of the universe.  So who is He to you?

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  1. One of your best posts yet! Touched me!!!!!! To be thanful that we have clean water to drink, food, family, technology :), and anything that God gave to us. Thanks so much for reminding me what and who God did for us!

    1. You are so welcome, girl! I'm glad it blessed you:)

  2. No, thank you! Check out my blog, I added a great topic!

  3. Great post! What encouragement on a day when I'm not living up to my own standards!!! :) Love you! You're getting more and more insightful. I can tell Jesus is teaching you.

  4. Oh I love that quote on the bottom! Where did you get it?

    1. Can't you guess.:) :) Pinterest!! I'll pin it for ya

  5. I figured Pinterest...that is where you get EVERTHING! Just kidd'n.. :)


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