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Monday, January 14, 2013

Okay so I know that many of you have probably seen my gimp pictures.......But I wanted to put them out for the rest of you who haven't. 
So what is gimp exactly?
Well.....Have you heard of photoshop?  Gimp is like a scaled down FREE version of that.  With most of the editing tools, but not as high quality.  For me, it's super amazingly awesome.  I love it!
Here are a few of my favorites that I've done.....
(And Savanna, please tell Avery that I was pretty sure she was fine about me using pictures of her, because I only have three members and she knows all of them:)

This one, I just edited the sky to make it look brighter, and got rid of some annoying telephone poles that were in the way.  I had fun with this.

I'm sure ya'll notice what's different about this one!!!!!


This one is another one of my favorites.....:)  Isn't this girl just beautiful!?!?!

A background that I loved, Avery got stuck in it.....
I could keep going, I have many more!  Okay, so not many more that I would actually SHOW....There have been many trials and errors before I got this far.  And I still have soooo much to practice with.  :)  heres one more.....

Mary Frances, you are just so cute:) 


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  1. I would have to agree with you that both your subjects are ADORABLE! I really enjoyed the fact that you explained what you did to the pictures. :) They look great, by the way!You have talent, girl!

  2. I agree, these are awesome! You do such cool work. Keep it up!

  3. Thank you to both of the comments;)

  4. I REALLY like the one of MF! --Beth


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