My 6 Favorite Honest Blogs

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

I don't think there's anything quite like the feeling of clicking on a post, and instantly feeling transported to a coffee shop, where you're sitting across from a blogger and listening to her talk. And not just small talk, no, it's a heart-to-heart kindred spirit kind of talk.

Sometimes, reading a blogger can feel just like this.

Those are the blogs I live for.

Posts that are real, raw, encouraging, insightful.  Posts that I'll gush about in public and screenshot in private.

These are the blogs that God has used to speak to my heart, inspire the storyteller in me, touch me in a unique way, and remind me that I am not alone.

That's a pretty big accomplishment from one little internet blog, if you think about it! So I'm sharing the love today because I know that reaching out and opening up and putting yourself out there is messy and hard.

See, + I wrote a post about divorce. 

I think our world needs more authenticity and more donuts, less covering up and more opening up over milkshakes.

If you still don't quite agree with me, I'm giving you a gentle shove and telling you to go read these blogs, because it might be just what you need for the day:

Sarah is refreshingly honest, hilarious, and oh-so-relatable in a world full of the cliché Christian relationship advice blogs.  To get a taste of her writing I'd recommend reading Christians, Stop Staying Pure Until Marriage, Dear Single Christian Girl, and To The Dreamers.

The Freckled Girl
My dear friend Laurel led me to this blog, and I've never looked back.  While Keely doesn't post much, when she does you can always count on it to be something that will touch you in a special way. I feel like I'm sipping caramel mocas across from her when I read what she has to say to the world.  It's brave and HONEST yes and I admire that. My favorites from her are Jesus Is Faithful and On Writing (because WRITING and ALL THE YES)

 I just found this blog thanks to her incredible book (same title). Sara Haggerty has a GIFT with words, crafting a melody through her bittersweet sentences and heart-encouragement.  So seriously.  BUY HER BOOK, you will not look back! And if you need a taste of her writing, read this post: It Takes Work To Rest 

Love By I Am

It was the title that really struck me, and it captures her style so well.  Our God is the great I am, and Savanna is learning how to put her love for him into words, slowly and sweetly.  Bless her!  Check out her words here: Dear (possible) future husband and Struggling To Love

The Messy Life

Ashlin!  God is not just whispering you through your life and your words, he is trumpeting triumphantly.  Her words are wise, thoughtful, and beautifully crafted.  My favorite posts from her are probably I Heard Him Whisper and Sometimes It's Hard To Row This Boat

Heather Lindsey

Because life is messy, and hard, and Heather is so real about it and does what a lot of blogs leave out- she gives you helpful advice on what to do with these struggles! Discontent? Lord, Help Me To Be Content.  Wondering how to have a quiet time?  She breaks it down and reminds us that it's something to enjoy and do on a regular basis!  YES.  How To Spend Time With God

I'm so thankful for ladies like these, who are willing to let the Holy Spirit speak through them to encourage young women everywhere.  Y'all rock!

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  1. I'll definitely have to check these blogs out. Thanks, Chloe!

    1. *bows* you're welcome! Enjoy your escape from reality.... If you're like me, some of the blogs will suck you in and just make want to read one post after the next ;))

  2. I love these! Thank you for sharing! I followed some of them :) Great recommendations!

    1. *fistpump* you go, Faith!!!! Way to share the love :D

  3. I haven't heard of most of these blogs. Can't wait to check them out! <3

    1. Mission accomplished! Thanks for following girlfriend, I know they'll appreciate it.

  4. I'm going to check these out right now!!!
    Grace Anne

    1. Yay! Have fun getting lost among all the insightful posts!

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing these :) I'll definitely have to check 'em out. I agree, there's nothing like an honest blogger who makes you feel at home.

    1. True dat. Those are some of the best writers, really; the ones who make you feel happy and encouraged and cozy. :3


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