Etsy: The Only Online Store You Need This Christmas

Thursday, December 11, 2014

For me, Etsy has become almost as addictive as Pinterest, and it's ten times worse because there's so many little things that I could totally justify buying (it's only five dollars!!!).   Love-hate relationship right there.  Here are some of my favorites!  
[all opinions expressed in this post are soley my own] 

I could go crazy on here.  They have everything from jewelry, to headbands, to the cutest dang boot socks ever!! 

tiny arrow necklace || $18

Yes Or No Design
I'm totally crushing on pretty much every piece of unique, customizable jewelry in their store, particularly this adorable Up necklace -->

balloon necklace || $9

personalized gold heart initial necklace || $10

Try saying that ten times fast! :) Pizzazzies has adorable headbands and I've been ogling their Aztec print ones for months.

blue tribal headband || $8

aztec tribal headband || $6

This store has the cutest display of metallic jewelry pieces!

 batman earring studs || $7

This woman has an amazing array of prints for a really nice price!
the hobbit watercolor poster  || $10


Can we just talk about this adorable title? Not even to mention how the two gloves make
a little image when put together.  <3

halloween gloves || $36

heart gloves || $32

And what about you, my lovely internet addicts? (you know you are!)
Have you been sucked into Etsy's clutches too, or does Pinterest still hold your loyalty?


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  1. Those Batman studs! And THE HOBBIT POSTER! Oh my word. These things are perfect. I too have spent wayyyyyy too much time on Etsy. lol. I love supporting small businesses and things of the like. I know how much I love people supporting me doing things I love, so doing that for others makes me happy:)
    I've gotten some pretty epic things on that site I must say.

    1. Tell me about it!!!! I could go fangirl crazy with everything these lovely shop owners have on there!!! Do they want me to go broke?? (Although technically that's already *cough* happened....)
      Oh I'm glad you have!!! I'm hoping to do my part by "supporting" more of the businesses on there just as soon as I get money!!

  2. Wow, all those things are so cute! I especially love the LOTRS poster. I think Etsy is growing on me...

    1. I know right?? Her prices are really reasonable and I love I love the way they look!

    2. Lol. Didn't pay close enough attention that that was a HOBBIT poster!!

  3. Never really been a huge fan of Etsy, but I'm definitely going to look into it :)

    1. Honestly that's probably a good thing since you then wouldn't be tempted to plunk your money down at every pair of boot socks you see.... ^_^

  4. I really like the head wrap and would love to check out the boot socks.
    xx, Jodi

    1. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm thinking for this coming year they'll be a fun thing to splurge on;)

  5. I haven't done too much shopping on etsy this year surprisingly! Last year I bought like every gift off of it haha!


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