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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Pros and cons of being busy; a pro would be that I now have lots and lots to talk about with you all!!  A con would be that I don't have nearly enough time to tell you about it all.  Funny how that works.....

Two volleyball tournaments in two weeks, with second place in both!!!  We seem to like our twos... Tournaments are one of my favorite things about volleyball because you're with your friends playing non-stop volleyball for days at a time!  To my dismay this years' tournaments didn't have nearly as much hang-out time in between games (especially when we played for four hours straight!).  Still, lots of fun fun memories.

Layney's first Pre-season tournament and my third!!  We're both just a little excited! 

Second in the whole of the JV gold bracket at Pre-season, and we're tired but proud! 

What's a tournament without a pre-game selfie?? 

Waiting to start playing at our second tournament in Lincoln 

Oh and then I have to brag on my seriously awesome parents (and no, they're not seriously awesome just because they buy me stuff, they're being awesome was established a long time ago, this just- "adds" to it).  Yes, they bought me an Under armor hot pink and black athletic bag.  *happy squeal*

What???  Monster cookie dough was a big part of my week!!!!!  #nojudging

And while we're on the food topic, this was me after I made my first batch of pumpkin bread for "fall" this year and then promptly ate practically an entire loaf:

Movies of the month:


God's Not Dead I finally saw last week, and I was very impressed.  I loved seeing the college students take a stand for Christ, even if it meant leaving the only home they'd ever known, or losing their potential for a career and their girlfriend.  It was very very inspiring, and I cried, which I was not expecting to do:)

When the Game Stands Tall was probably one of the best football movies I've seen, and it's ranked up there with the Blind Side (figures, since the same director directed them both!). My new favorite gif accurately described my feelings as I watched it:

But seriously, go and watch and both of these movies!!!!  Great moral truths, inspirational moments, really neat characters, and good climatic endings.  Also lots of tense, stressful scenes.  Mostly including football. :)

Hmm, what else... Oh yes!!! August 27th was very special, mainly because three of my favorite people in the world all had a birthday on it!!!

Mary Frances McNellis is SEVENTEEN!  She has her licence and she's going to college next year and I legit remember her in her pink heart pants when we were eleven.  0_o  Times flies and I just wish I could catch it, but we all have to face the facts.  She's growing up!!!!  Happy birthday you!

Haha, this was taken last year, and I think our maturity level in this picture very accurately describes our relationship still!!!  Natalie Peterman celebrated her sweet sixteen birthday this year, and I love her to pieces too.  I must say, getting locked out of your house when we were home by ourselves is probably one of my favorite memories with you! :D Happy birthday!!

Anna, we need some more pictures of us together because this one is not terribly flattering but I'm sacrificing my vanity so everyone can see your beautiful face!!!  (just wait until you see her in person, peoples)
Anna Keeley celebrated her 16th birthday too and I've loved getting to see God work in her and through her this year.  She's a shining joy, die-hard chocolate chip lover, and every time I think about her I think of one thing:

How about you all?  How was your August?


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