Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I wrote this in my journal last night, and wanted to share it with you:

I know that my thoughts today have not been excellent, pure, lovely, or commendable at all.  I've let thoughts of self-pity take over, and in turn it has made me grumpy with everyone and very self-focused.  I'm taking a deep breath, and letting it go.  This is NOTHING compared to the suffering of Christians in Iraq right now.

I saw a video today of Christian men lying face first in the dirt and then men in robes walking down the rows and shooting them in the head without a second glance.  I saw their bodies jolt with the impact and then go still. Let that be me. Let me have that kind of faith.
I couldn't get through the whole video, it was so heart-breakingly barbaric.  And yet I almost envy them.  To lay down your life for God, and to be with Him in heaven now- oh Lord, I want to see your face!!!  Better a doorkeeper in your house then live in a tent with evildoers here in this world....

Little children be-headed, men shot like goats in ditches, women and girls sold into slavery.  I know that God can work all things for good but that doesn't mean we can't pray for His mighty hand, and pray HARD.

 Please lift up your prayers today for the Christians in Iraq, for their safety and their faith and their love for God.  Pray for the workers there who are risking their lives to save Christians, and pray for deliverance for everyone.  My God is strong, and I fully trust that He is able to end this.
Even if He decides to let it continue, I pray that we will trust that He is completely omniscient and knows exactly what He's doing.  He works all things to the good of those who love Him,  and right now the Christians in Iraq are boldly loving Him!!!!  I want that kind of faith.  How about you?


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  1. WOW. This was powerful! You're right -- we should all strive for that kind of faith. To be honest, I'm only beginning to really think of all of this. I've grown up Christian, but it's always been a lot more distant to me, until recently. Beginning quiet time has really been a big step for me, I think, and God has shown me a LOT in just these past couple months. Thank you for sharing this Chloe!! I'm not quite courageous enough to share my thoughts like that, but I'm working on becoming more open like that. Thank you!!

  2. Great reminder and eye opener. Than you, Chloe :)


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