Curious, Isn't It? (13)

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Tuesday the sixth today marks two things; the first has my family excited (particularly Brynley) because it's only two days from today until our family vacation to Florida!  We've been looking forward to this ever since we got in our car to drive home from Florida two years ago.  With no vacation last year we are EXTREMELY pumped up and ready to brave the eighteen hours in a car full of six extroverts!  (although my mom can be loud with the best of us when she wants to be:) )

The second thing today marks for me is the official last class of biology!  I've been taking it through homeschool co-op which is a new experience for me.... Getting homework assignments to a teacher on time?  Game-changing! 


So since I haven't done a "Curious" post in awhile, I have quite a few things to share!  First things first, I'm going with the goodies.  Ever tried peanut butter granola?  BECAUSE YOU SHOULD.  It has the sweetness of peanut butter, and the salty of the granola.  Combine to reach a healthy and mind-bogglingly delicious breakfast in a bowl.  My mom buys a certain brand that comes in a bag, (don't ask me what) but really any peanut butter granola is good. 

Favorite song of the week: I actually have two.  The first is Lindsey Stirling's "Electric Daisy Violin".

The second is Press Play's "Just Like Lightning ."

They both have the same funky-fun feel, one with lyrics and one just instrumental.   Haha, after listening to them both back-to-back I didn't realize how similar they really were.  Hmm. 

Oh and why not one more? :) :) Another from miss Lindsey, this one a Lord of the Rings Medley. Fun stuff! 

Well I was PLANNING on now showing you pictures of when we burned on my grandparent's land the day before Easter, but after we installed this new filter into our computer, it's been a bit over-protective and won't even let me download pictures.  Hopefully I can get them on soon :/

So instead of that, I'll tell you a bit about this lovely nugget of a site that I found courtesy of my dear friend Elly from The Spilled Inkwell.  (p.s. if you know what's good for you you'll check out her blog!  Now! No ifs ands or buts! It has clever puns, wonderful reviews, and all around fun writerly randomness!)
But that isn't even the best part!  (although your blog is something special, Elly, make no mistake!) 
It's a wonderful little site called "Charahub." Savanna, I thought specially of you when I found it! It's easy to make an account, and you get to organize your characters into one spot.  There's a place to upload pictures of them, answers personality questions about them, and put in background info.  It's brilliant and convenient and so much easier then trying to write it all down or fill in all those character sheets I have floating around everywhere.  Genius, huh?  See here to check it out.

OH can't forget, Sunday me and Noah and one of his buddies went to the theater to view Spiderman 2.  I can't really say anything without MAJOR SPOILERS, but I enjoyed it more then the first!  More plot and relationship development and emotion.  Of course my dad and Noah thought it was a bit lacking in the action and thus not as good, but my mom enjoyed it better for just that reason.  Superman was too much for me, so this was a nice change, mainly because it had a decent plot!  ;)

Another happy thing from this past week is that I finally found swim shorts!  I've always had a struggle in finding swim-suit bottoms.  My family doesn't really like the bikini bottoms, and skirts tend to float up when I swim.  Neither are comfortable and so I look for shorts.  Which are basically non-existent or too tight to even be wearable.  SO.  With our Florida trip coming up, my mom and I have been scouring all the stores we could think of, and finally this past weekend at Sears I found the long sought-after shorts.  Coral with a small white anchor in the corner to match the navy blue and white striped top I have:)  Perfect find, passed the parent's test, and a great price to boot.  My relief and happiness was huge!

Haha it's been too long since I've done one of these posts, I keep thinking of things I haven't told you guys!!  This is pretty big news for me, because I am so indecisive. After choosing I don't know how many names and then ditching them, I'd like to introduce Alex Lesley, the main character to my exciting novella "The 9x7 Dream". 


When you get a chance, do compliment her on her nose. She's very proud of it ;)
(the lighting is off in the second picture, in reality it looks like the hair coloring in the first picture)
Recently I added a few books to my "favorites" shelf..... Including "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" and "Boy meets Girl", both by Joshua Harris.  They are both from personal experience with plenty of stories and scripture to back up his points.  I really enjoyed both of them and loved how applicable they were, not just to boy-girl relationships but with life in general.  Five stars for both!  Definitely!
I've also added a few books to my "currently reading" or "will be reading on our eighteen-hour-trip" shelves: "The Way of Kings" & it's sequel, "Words of Radiance" (both by Brandon Sanderson),"Crazy Love", "Story's End", "Maze Runner", and "The Girl of Fire and Thorns." All of these have come recommended highly by some person or the other, so I can't wait to enjoy them:) After all, what vacation is complete without books?  

And now that it's officially eleven at night I think I shall call it quits.  Hope most of you are smarter then me and are in bed by now!   #toomuchsugartosleep

Seriously, this is me right now:

Goodnight from Chloe :D

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  1. Haha when it comes to swimsuits, I've pretty much given up on "swim shorts". I literally have a pair of Nike running shorts. :D Lightweight, dries quickly, not too short for me. It works. :D Your writing style is seriously so fun to read, by the way.

    1. You know what a great idea that is??? And they're ridiculously comfortable and affordable too. Wow. You, my dear, are a genius!
      And your comments are really fun to read, too;)

  2. Yay, she has a name! I love it :). Have fun in Florida!


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